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[Review]: "Cherry Bomb"

Cherry Bomb by Samantha Kane
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (January 12, 2016)
Series: Mercury Rising, 2
Genre: M/M Romance

Their spark could be too hot to handle…or bring a dying town back to life.

Officially, Turnstiles CEO Brian Curland is in Mercury to set up a new data center. Unofficially, he’s using this trip to re-evaluate his life, because for a man who has everything, he’s feeling pretty empty. 

He could buy any car he wants. But no, he had to rent a piece-of-crap Chevy—which is now broken down on the side of the road. When he’s rescued by a sexy local, Brian does what he always does. Go for what he wants, even if it’s just temporary.

Evan Michaels stops to help because that’s what good guys do. He grew up in Mercury, eventually becoming minister of the local Unitarian church. Though everyone knows him, being gay and being in a gay relationship are two different things. He wants Brian, but their affair has to be secret or he can’t play.

When Evan unleashes his long-suppressed sexuality, Brian is more than up to handling the heat. Yet even though they fall hard for each other, it might take the whole town to convince them it’s a forever kind of love.

Product Warnings
Contains an inexperienced minister, gay comic-book role play, dirty dancing in antebellum mansions, and some very naughty fireworks. Protective gear recommended. 

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My Review:

"How do you already know me so well?"

Brian walked over and dropped the piece in his bucket. "I guess we're just two old souls," he said, "who've known each other for lifetimes."

First of all, I devoured this book in one day, even staying up a bit later than normal just to finish the last 15%. This is rare; my days are busy, and for me to do this says A LOT, mainly that I was enjoying the hell out of this book and did not want to put it aside, even to sleep.

I adored these two men, their story, and this small town Kane created. Not only do I plan on going back to read book one, but I'm really hoping there will be more books in this series. Especially for Trey.

"Nice," Conn said from John's other side. "I can't take you two millionaires anywhere."

"I'm a billionaire," Brian told him.

"I guess more money equals more stupid," Conn said with a shrug. "Who knew?"

I loved that Evan and Brian were different, and being in lust, then love, didn't magically make them match. Nor did it fix the legitimate things standing between them and their HEA. For example, I knew before the scene started that there was going to be conflict over the plans for the data center. While at the time I was upset right alongside Evan and John about Brian's attitude, I can't say it was out of character for Brian. That's how he's always done business. If he hadn't acted that way, I might have questioned his character.

All I could do through the remainder of the book was hope that Brian would see what he had said wrong that day and that he would be willing to explore the plans more from the town's perspective, not just from his business perspective. (He did, eventually.) I suppose what I'm saying is there was angst in the story, too, but it was believable angst.

"This probably isn't a good idea. What we're doing."

Brian instinctively wrapped both arms around him. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Getting so comfortable with each other." He slid his hands down Brian's side, settling it on his hip. "No one was supposed to get hurt."

"Sometimes a little hurt is worth it," Brian told him. "It's the pain that makes us know we're really living."

They had to compromise and work to have their HEA. Thankfully by the end of the book I was convinced that their plans would work out and allow them to both be happy with their lives, and also happy together.

There was chemistry between them from the very beginning, and each sex scene was well done and very steamy. It was great to see Brian help Evan with some of the many fantasies he had built up over his years of celibacy.

"I need to come," he moaned."

"Not yet," Brian growled. "I'm not done fucking you yet."

Evan moaned and raised this hips higher, letting Brian pound him. It felt so good, so amazingly good. With each thrust Brian was bringing him closer to the edge, and he began to whimper and cry out, not sure what he was saying and not caring.

"Now," Brian said in a low, rough voice. "I want to feel it. Come on, give it to me." He followed his words with his hand, wrapping his fist around Evan's dick and jerking it as he slammed into him. 

It was too much. Evan bit his lip hard to keep from shouting too loudly as he came harder than he'd ever come before. Each pulse of his orgasm was a white hot thrust of pleasure, and he squeezed his eyes shut and held on to the bed with fists closed tight as his hips jerked and Brian's hand worked him.

When he finally collapsed, gasping, Brian grabbed his hips again, and Evan could feel his come on one of those hands. It was so erotic he shuddered and felt a shadow of pleasure shimmer  down his spine, and his cock jerked again.

Brian gave three hard, rough thrusts and then he groaned, grabbing one of Evan's shoulders, his fingers digging in deep as he ground his cock into Evan.

I loved their conversations outside of the bedroom, too. So very intimate:

"I meant what we just did was a repeat," Brian told him. "I'm not complaining because, no lie, you are quite possibly the best I've ever had. That's not a line, either. But if I remember correctly, our first night together you mentioned how much you wanted to top a guy, and I offered myself. But you haven't taken advantage of me yet."

Evan sighed contentedly and snuggled in closer, rubbing his cheek on Brian's chest. "I'm in no hurry," he said. "I like it when you take me. I like giving up control like that and just letting you make me feel good." 

Brian had been through enough therapy to read a hell of a lot more into that statement than Evan said. "It's nice not to have to be the one who's always doing something for someone else," he murmured, sliding his hand out of Evan's hair and down to rub his back.

"Mmm," Evan said sleepily.

There were also moments of laughter and banter, which I'm always on board for. This particular quote (below) is from a sex scene, but there were other non-sexual scenes that made me smile, too.

"Now I remember why I don't do this very often," Brian said tightly, and then blew out a breath.

"I like it..." Evan said breathlessly, pulled out of his head by Brian's remark. He had trouble processing what he was saying. "...when you push inside me."

"And that's why God made tops and bottoms," Brian said with a short laugh.

I truly enjoyed this book, and the journey Kane took us on. I loved the sexy parts, I loved the fun parts, I loved seeing the town and the characters within it. It was the perfect Saturday read for me to escape the stress of textbooks, and I'm very much looking forward to reading more from Kane.

4 1/2 STARS! 

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion.

*Note: The quotes used belong to Samantha Kane; TBQ's Book Palace does not claim them.

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Such a great book, I didn't want to leave this small town world and I hope we get to visit it again.

Have you read Samantha Kane?

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