Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Did I Receive?

As you know, "What Did I Receive" is much like the popular "In My Mailbox". On Fridays, I try to post any and all books I may have received in the past week, unless I haven't had any deliveries.

Unfortunately, the junk mail and bills seem to overflow my mailbox more often than books.... In a book lover's world, the roles would be reversed, of course! :D

I know, I know-- I'm a few days late on this post! I hope to be back to my normal blog schedules in the next month or so, but I can't make any promises, not yet at least. Still very busy with college, my personal life, and work, so, sadly, the blog and reading (for pleasure, that is) have fallen a distant 4th and 5th.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient and all the kind words of encouragement-- I appreciate them!

Here's what I got last week:

For Review:

  • A Good Confession by Bridget Whelan (E-book,Thanks to Bridget!)
  • Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole (Yummy-- can't wait to read!)
  • A Highlander's Homecoming by Melissa Mayhue (Highlanders, time travel.. need I say more?
  • A Highlander's Destiny by Melissa Mayhue (Ditto!)
  • A black polka dotted tote bag (Thanks to Harlequin Teen, a "valentines day" present for reviewing a book for them)

*Yes, I know, I broke down-- again. But, but.... new books are like comfort food when life isn't fair! LOL. That's my excuse and I'm stickin to it!


I have my review for Unknown by Rachel Caine done and submitted, but I'll have to wait a few days before posting it on here, since it was a book I received from Night Owl Romance. :) I also hope to have another review up before the end of the week, but, again, I can't make any promises with my current work load. I'll try my best though! :D

Ooh, and I think I'll be expecting a few more books for review within the next few weeks, thanks to NOR-- one is a-not-yet-released historical romance that I am dying to read (any guesses? I'll give you a hint-- the author is well known, and has been writing for quite a few years....), the other has been released already, but I'm still looking forward to reading it.

If I don't post again before Sunday (LUSTING FOR COVERS, week 9!), I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I'll see you as soon as possible!


Until Next Time,

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  1. Hey girlfriend!

    Just wanted to let you know that you've won an awardon our blog :)

    Looks like you had a pretty good book week. Check out our vlog later on today to see the books we've gotten this week!



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