Submitting New Releases or Book Deals

As you may have noticed, I post weekly new releases, both on the blog and on my social media, as well as daily book deals (again, blog and social media). 

I do my best to find as many books as I can when doing both of these posts, but of course I miss a ton. So if you have a new release coming out or a book going on sale, let me know and I'll try my best to add it to the list.

Please note: I schedule a few days out for deals and a week out for neew releases, so you should contact me as early as you can. Preferably two weeks before your new release and at least 3 days before your book is discounted.

Any genre, any heat level (minus inspirationals, which I don't cover on this blog, sorry!), any pairings -- as long as it is romance or erotica, and has a HEA, let me know about it so I can share it with my readers.

Email me at The_Book_Queen[at]yahoo[dot]com 

Tell me the title, the release date (new release) OR sale price (book deal), as well as when the sale ends, if you know it.


Danielle (TBQ)

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