Friday, October 23, 2009


I HATE VIRUSES!! And the idiots that sit around in their (more in likely) Mother's basement, with nothing else to do with their time and computer skills but to make new ones and send them out to crash other's computers--- FOR THE FUN OF IT! Argh! Yep, I've been infected. Monday night, while working on various things (including my next review, which, you noticed, never got finished or published this week), a huge virus, a so called "Cyber Security" infiltrated my computer system-- without me clicking anything! Suddenly it was downloaded and running, without me clicking on any button, flashing ads, etc, little loan saying "Yes, continue download". It seems that computers will be the bane of our existence, since just when we start to develop new software to take care of these threats, some new nerd (see paragraph before this for details) decides to get past the system again. So, after countless days in the shop, I *hope* they finally got all of the program, and various other Trojans, etc, that were on my computer, out. Now it's time to see if they stay out, and if they've not messed up my files. Luckily he didn't have to wipe my computer (like they did about a year ago when this happened and it fried my hard-drive...), but you still never know what these vial programs can accomplish before you even know they're on there! Due to my eventful week, I've been unable to post anything this week (reviews, WoW, my Friday mailbox thread). This has also set me behind in general, so I'm sorry, but I may not have any posts for the greater part of the next week. I'm going to try and get it finished as soon as I can, and get started on the next ones (I've got about 4 books backed up to review right now..). But until I know my computer is not going to crash on me, get things straightened out and backed up again, I will be taking a slight break. I'm also terribly behind on emails (in case anyone's sent me anything this past week, sorry, I'm not ignoring you), and reading other blogs' (Wow, gone less than a week and the list of updated blog posts I follow is loooong!). But I will catch up, have no fear! It's late, I'm still ticked at the computer viruses and creators, and it's cold, so I'm going to bed! Hope everyone else's week has been much better, be careful of the viruses out there, and enjoy your weekends! Hope to see you all next week, when I'll be back with my review on the (*COUGH* wonderful *COUGH*) novel, A Highlander Christmas by Sophie Renwick, Cindy Miles, and Dawn Halliday. :D Enjoy! Until Next Time,


  1. Oh hon I am so sorry to hear about this! There is nothing more aggrevating that having something like this happen! I hope that's the last time you ever have to deal with that!

    I agree it's so sad that people have nothing better to do than sit around and figure how to mess someone else's stuff up grrr.


  2. Ugh! Viruses are horrid! Feel better, computer!

  3. Computer crashes due to viruses are so terrible, frustrating and a downright pain in the proverbial! Hope you've seen the end of the nasties and good luck getting back on track!

  4. Totally agree with you on this. But look on the bright side, TBQ, Mr.Putter was able to fix it without having to wipe your system this time. And if things would have gotten so bad that you needed a computer or you'd die, you could always come over to my house and use it (offer lasts until something bad happens to my computer, making it so I don't have one which I hope doesn't happen, but you never know with computers). Glad everything worked out though and that you got your super cool, wireless keyboard and mouse (so jealous, JK!) See ya tomorrow at school.


  5. Oh TBQ!!! I feel you. Been there. It sucks because you have no control over it. I hope everything gets fixed soon!

  6. Some how we all suffer from it. We have no control over it.


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