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Prince of Swords Ends Up on Top.....

Prince of Swords by Linda Winstead Jones
Publisher: Berkley (May 1, 2007)
Series: Children of the Sun, 3
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

In the last installment of the Children of the Sun trilogy, a shackled virgin must choose between the monster she knows and a sexy stranger who could spell doom-or help her fulfill the Prophecy of the Firstborn


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Though the short and somewhat lacking summary shown online makes Prince of Swords seem like yet another mediocore book, things are not always what they seem. After buying the book on impulse almost half a year ago while in the grocery store, I put it in my piles and there it stayed for a while. A few times before, I tried to pull it out and make myself read it, but for some reason, I had doubts and did not feel like (as I thought at the time) forcing myself through a less than great book. Instead, I passed it over again and again. Finally, two days ago, I made myself grab it out of the pile and sit down and read it. And boy was I surprised!
Though at first glance the plot seems like a repeat of one that almost every romance reader has probably read (virgin damsel is locked away in a dungeon, waiting to be wed, unwillingly, to a demon possesed Prince, she is rescued by handsome 'knight', in this case the Prince of Swords, an important and high position in the kingdom's "army", they have to defeat the evilness that is cloaking their world and along the way, they fall into lust and then love), it is more than just that.
Rayne grew up in a slightly less than perfect family. She had a loving mother, who unfortunately died too young. Her father, a wizard who did not practice benign white magic, was not always a good father. After her mother died, he willingly gave her to Ciro, the Prince who was recently possessed by a horrible demon (and right now, I cannot remember the demon's name for the life of me! Sorry!), knowing that the demon had planned to use her to bear his child, a child who would rule the new world they were created--by, of course, destroying the current one. Rayne was put in the dungeon for four+ months in order to await their marriage. While sitting down in the dungeon, Lyn, the Prince of Swords, arrives-- though not to save her. Instead, he is there looking for the Crystal Dagger, which is talked about in the Prophecy of the First Son, which refers to him. He must use this unique and powerful dagger to kill Ciro-- and bind the demon inside for all eternity. Of course, the dagger is with Rayne. Made by her mother, who she thought did not possess any magical powers at all (though they never really tell you if she did or not, or if she was simply... different), years ago, the dagger is the only way that the demon and Ciro can be destroyed, and the war between their world's inhabitants and the Demon's Own put to rest for good. But when he shows up at the keep, he finds more than a simple dagger.
Of course, he saves Rayne (by stopping time, a little gift he has, and moving the sword that was headed her way) and brings her along on his journey. Along the way, Lyn is betrayed by his use-to-be best friend, who, it seems, was also possesed by a demon working for Ciro, meant to bring Rayne to them (Ciro and the demon).
In the middle of all this, Rayne decides she must rid herself of her 'pure soul, heart, and body' that Ciro and the demon want her for. She starts by having one of the guards teach her how to curse, but finds that this is not to her liking-- and it's not enough. So next she decides to get rid of her virginity, which she thinks will ruin the 'pure body' required of her. She mentions this to Lyn and asks if he will send one of his men to her during the night-- it does not matter who, since she simple wants to get rid of her innocence, and the only thing the man has to do is not talk (so in the morning, she will not know who it was, therefore, there will be no akwardness between them the rest of the way). He tells her he will send someone, but says he 'has not decided yet'. Of course, he goes instead, after a few hours of wrestling with his conscious, and they enjoy a lovely night full of passion, which lasts more than one coupling.
They continue along, both of them becoming slightly closer, especially on Rayne's part. She finds out that she has a great deal of powers-- white magic, thankgoodness-- and that she is an Earth Goddess.
The story goes on (Sorry, it's late, and I am not really up to going through every other main event along the way.. plus I don't want to give too much away!!) and Lyn destroys Ciro and binds the demon in the dagger. They find the long lost heirs (twins) of the throne. The eldest is crowned emperor and life is good. The followers, the Demon's Own, are succesfully tracked and killed, the dagger (and demon) are rid of in Level Thirteen, with (major!) help from Rayne's newfoun powers. Everything is great.. except, of course, Lyn has made no promises to Rayne and soon he will head back home.
After some help from Jahn, the new emperor, and a new found determination found within herself, Rayne gets Lyn, they get married that night, at a ceremony for the newly crowned heir, Rayne tells Lyn that she is pregnant, and all is great in the world.
Though my review of the events makes the book sound rushed, it's not. This is simply my trying-to-make-it-short-but-understandable summary. It was actually a very good book, and now I want to go back and read the other 2 in this trilogy and the 3 in the connected trilogy that covers some of Lyn's (I believe...) aunt's stories. It has a classic romance plot but with a twist, which makes it fresh and enjoyable.
If you don't mind your romance to have demons, witches, and wizards, then Prince of Swords is a great book for you! 4.5/5 stars!


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