Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rating System

Here's a quick break down of our rating system.

Please note that often our ratings are almost secondary to our review. That is, we could give a book only 3 stars, but go on to explain in depth what worked and didn't, ending with a very positive review.

We will never post a NEGATIVE review on this blog. That is not how we work!

Now, that being said, we may, from time to time, complain about a book that was horrible or extremely WTF-worthy. We will never bash authors though. Some books simply do not work for every reader, and some are seriously crazy-sauce. If we read such a book, and feel that we should share our reading experience with you, it will most likely be in a different format, not an official review. For example, it could be a SnapShot or a Random Rant, etc.

TBQ's Book Palace Rating System:

5 Stars= Fantastic. Perfect rating, and a must read for anyone! 

4.5 Stars= Great--- highly recommended! 

4 Stars= Good, a very enjoyable read. 

3.5 Stars= Nice, quick read. 

3 Stars= Okay, about average. 

2.5 Stars= Eh....Not the worst, but below average. 

2 Stars= Borderline fail...Something was missing! 

1.5 Stars= I didn't like it. 

1 Star= Major flaws.... Or not my cup of tea, depends on how you care to look at it... 

.5 Star= DNF or DNE (did not enjoy--- at all).


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