Monday, August 18, 2008

"My Shadow Warrior"

Synopis from B&
Acclaimed author Jen Holling presents the stunning final novel in her sensual trilogy, set against the windswept hills of Scotland, about a trio of sisters with witchcraft -- and passion -- in their blood.
Rose, the youngest of the MacDonell sisters, is more concerned with her father's mysterious illness than with her impending marriage to her childhood sweetheart. A gifted but frustrated healer, she decides to beg help from William MacKay -- a reclusive laird who is renowned not only for his ferocity, but also for his healing powers. Denied entry to his fortress in the cold, harsh mountains of the far northwestern highlands, Rose uses cunning to force her way in, and William is duly intrigued with this bold slip of a girl. But securing his help may not be enough to save Rose's father. For there is something darker at work in the glen, something more powerful than William's and Rose's magic combined, and only the soul-deep passion that shadows their mutual desire can help their love prevail.
I had high hopes for My Shadow Warrior when I picked it up...And in the end, I wasn't too disappointed. True, it wasn't my favorite book, but it was still pretty good. The story line was perfect-- a historical romance set in Scotland, but with a slight paranormal twist. I love paranormal romances, so when an author is able to weave together both historical and paranormal, I'm very happy. Holling was able to do that in My Shadow Warrior, but I felt like, at times, she wasn't quite reaching it's full potential. Especially in the passion department.
I think that is my only complaint, really. There was amble opportunity to take the love scenes and turn up the heat, not in a straight-forward erotic way, but in a combination of love and lust, both of which the hero and heroine had plenty of. In fact, through out the whole book, the H/H only had one sexual encounter, and it was pretty tame, over in only a few pages and not filled with a whole lot of conversation *Which, depending on the story and the author's writing, can be just as erotic as the actual sex* or, well, sex. I felt disappointed, because even though the main point of a romance book is the romance, the love and connection, I think that, in a way, the intimate connection they share is also important. If she [Jen Holling] had only added a tad bit more passion to Will and Rose's story, I probably would have gave it a perfect rating.
The healing/magic subplot was brillantly done, and I will probably go back to read her previous books about Rose's sisters. Jen may not write very 'hot' romance, as in the love scenes, but she does write a great historical/paranormal romance, set in Scotland, no less, which is one my favorite backdrops for books.
4.5/5 STARS! My Shadow Warrior is a perfect combination of a lush Scotland setting with a paranormal twist. The story is filled with magic and mystery, love and danger, connection and even a few laughs. A great story, though a bit lacking in heat. Still, this is a book I would recommend to any romance fan.

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