Friday, August 15, 2008

"The Naked Earl" is a Light and Romantic Read

Synopis from B&
He Took Her By Surprise
When a naked earl climbs through the window into her bedchamber, Lady Elizabeth Runyon does the proper thing: She screams. Loudly. And then…well, Lizzie has had enough of being proper. She wishes to be bold. Wanton, even. She won’t be commanded to put on her nightgown. Just this once, she will be absolutely daring... She Returned The Favor Robert Hamilton, Earl of Westbrooke, has no intention of being tricked into marriage by a detestable female, and if he has to flee naked across a rooftop, he will. Jolly good there’s an open window waiting--as well as an undressed, slightly drunk, and alluringly beautiful Lady Elizabeth. Oh dear. If they are caught together, he might have to marry her. The idea is delicious -- and the temptation is irresistible... Though I would not call MacKenzie's books my favorite, they are rated fairly high on my over all list *4/5 stars*. Her books are written with more of a light, comical side than most romance novels that I read, but I have still found them to be surprisingly good reads. Yes, parts of the books have annoyed me at times, whether it's a certain character *COUGH, Felicity, COUGH* or the plot line during a certain part, but it's no where near as bad as some other books I've read. I will definitely read the others in her series (The first book, The Naked Duke, and the last one in the series, The Naked Gentleman) because I think they are respectable reads and they do provide a few laughs, which is always a plus. They may not be the best books I've ever read, but I would still recommend them to other readers, though not at the top of my recommendation list. I will probably re-read them, when/if I get the chance/time. 4/5 STARS! A nice story filled with scandal and laughs, love and schemes, The Naked Earl is a great book to pick up when you want a historical romance with a lighter, fluffier side. ****Sorry for such a short review, but I am very busy right now and the fact that I even have time to write this review at all is a miracle! I promise, the next one will be longer! ~TBQ~

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