Monday, October 20, 2008

"The Care and Feeding of Pirates"

Synopsis from B&
What's a lady to do when the pirate husband she thought was dead tries to lure her back into his arms and away from the safe, quiet life she had all planned out?
After reading the second one in Ashley's Pirate Series, The Pirate Hunter, a few days ago, I was hoping that the interesting and 'proper' Honoria, James sister, would have her own story. So when I picked up The Care and Feeding of Pirates and found out she was the heroine of this book, I was happy. Honoria deserved to have her story told.
Here we thought she was this prim and proper unmarried lady when instead we find out that she's married, to a pirate believed to have been killed four years ago but who is actually still alive. And though James referred to her as 'cold' and 'heartless' in the last book *They were never really close, but after this book, they do get a bit closer*, believe me, she is anything but!
The storyline was interesting enough, able to keep me up and reading all night, unlike the previous book, TPH, which I loved, but had a slower start to it. TCFP is the complete opposite-- in fact, a lot of the action happens in the first 30 pages, when Honoria revels to us her 'scandalous' hidden past and then suddenly her 'dead' pirate husband comes back-- and he wants his wife back.
The romance was both steamy and touching, the story had action and adventure and more than a few laughs. And one of the unique things that I enjoyed was the side romance going on between the newly rescued half-sister of Christopher and Henderson, a proper peer who has always been interested in pirates and pirate hunting. Kind of ironic then, that the pirate *Chris's sister* falls for the pirate hunter *Henderson*, something that he points out to her towards the end as they are rowing away.
4.5/5 stars! Yet another great book by an amazing author, The Care and Feeding of Pirates is filled with dashing and dangerous pirates *All in favor, say 'Aye'!*, passionate love scenes, laughs and adventure, and yes, even a few parts in the story were you just might find your eyes getting a bit misty. :) A wonderful treat for any romance reader!

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