Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"White Nights"

Synopsis From B&

Eirica Macauley sees the road to better days: the remainder of the Oregon Trail. The trail is hard, even for experienced cattle hands like James Jones, but the mans will and determination lend Eirica strength. Yet, Eirica knows she can never accept the cowboy's love; the shadows that darken her past will hardly disappear in the light of day. But as each night passes and their wagon train draws nearer its destination, James's intentions grow clearer James stays beside her, the beautiful widow knows that when dawn comes, shell no longer be alone.

Up until I read my first Susan Edwards book, Summer of the Eagle, I've always disliked western/native american related romances. Not because of the culture or race, but because the few that I had read before I found to be very lacking and boring. But Ms. Edwards writes a fantastic, romantic, and adventurous story that just happens to be set in a western era, in this case the long trail to Oregon, the land of opportunity back then. You'll find yourself pulled right into the story, and you won't be able to put it down until it's over!

Ericia and James' story is a very touching one, and I found myself sighing with pleasure and even about to wipe away a stray tear or two. Their love is strong, true, and not just based on the sexual things, like some relationships. Don't get me wrong-- the sexual aspect of the love story is important and enjoyable, but it's not everything. Though the love scenes in White Nights are steamy and tender, they also show you the emotions behind their connection. Their love starts out as more of a sweet, pure love and it's a while before they do more than kiss, something that would usually bother me or make the story slow, but in this case, it only adds to the over all goodness of the book.

Challanges and road blocks create a rocky path for their love to travel on, but they still manage to over come it in the end. White Nights is more than just a book about love, it's also about family and friends, moving on and starting over. Ericia's husband, Birk, is a real bas**d, I'm sorry to say but it's true. He abused her and their small children, he treated her without respect, and he didn't care one bit about any of them. Because of this, both Ericia and the children have been scarred by the father's action, and they are scared and shy, until James shows them that he loves them all and he wants to be part of their family, that he will take care of them forever. The change doesn't happen over night, but watching the children warm up to him and come to call him Papa, along with the charming love story brewing between him and Ericia, makes the story that much better.

Though I wish I had the first couple of books in Ms. Edwards White Series, so that I could have read them in order, it is not necessary to do so. You could go out and pick up this book right now *Though you'd better hope your library has it, since almost all of her books, this one included, have been out of print for a few years now. I was lucky to find most of them at my used bookstore in town.* and you wouldn't be lost. However, you may find yourself becoming interested in the various other character's lives and love stories, some of which have already been written and some that have yet to have their own story, and want to go back and read all of the previous ones right away. I know I do! I'm especially interested in reading Wolf's story, but I haven't been able to find it yet...

4.5/5 STARS! An amazing western based romance that is filled with sparks and tears, love and adventure, family and life. A simple story line made so much better by the characters, diaglouge, and gentle love story.


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