Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello again, everyone! Sorry that my posts have been few and far between lately, but I've decided to make a few changes on my blog. Specifically on how often I post and how I am going to format the stuff, etc. My main purpose is still reviewing books, but instead of writing a long review and post after EVERY book, I'm going to save those posts for either: A) Special Releases, B) ARCs I might receive, and C) Books that I Really Enjoyed. Now, that does not mean that I will not be posting about all the other books I read. However, I'm going to take an idea that I've seen on many different blogs and give it a bit of a twist. A lot of fellow bloggers do one post every week (some do it less often, such as a few times a month) listing the books they read for that time period, giving the summary/info, cover, and a short review and rating. This is kind of what I plan on doing from now on. Every Sunday (Though if I get really busy, it could be a day later or earlier) I will post the books I read from the previous Sunday up until that Saturday. I will put covers, summaries like I do on my full reviews, and a short paragraph or so of why I liked or didn't like the book. Another thing that I may start up soon, though not right away, is posting once a week the books I receive. Again, this is an idea I've seen on many blogs, such as The Story Siren's, where they list the books they received In their Mailbox for that week. Of course, these are also the ones that are lucky enough to get constant supplies of ARCs and various books from orders online or from fellow friends and bloggers, none of which I am lucky enough to have. But maybe, one day soon, I too will have more ARCs to review on here. Until then, if/when I start this weekly post, it will probably only include books that I went out to buy that week. And there will probably be more than a few weeks where I have nothing new to show. Unfortunately, I have to spend some of my hard earned money on 'important' things like food and bills, though if I had my way, I would spend it all on books. If you have something to suggest for my blog, or if something I have right now bothers you, please, feel free to tell me. I would really like to make this a spot for readers to come to and find fun things to do and read and good books to try, and I would like your opinions to make it that way. Oh, one last thing: I have an idea I wish to throw out and get every one's opinion on: If I did a post every so often showing some of the books in my TBR pile that have been there a while and ask everyone to post their choice (AKA, 'Nudge') of which book I should read next, would you be interested? And of course, in return, you could give us a small list on the comment board of books in your pile that we (myself and any visitors) can help 'nudge' you towards. Just a thought, again, something that I've seen on other websites and blogs and I thought the idea was a pretty good one, allowing you to see what books others would recommend and also to help shorten my ever growing pile of books I've been putting off or forgot I had. Remember, please tell me your thoughts! And unless people object to my weekly reading post, I plan on starting that very soon, probably this Sunday. I have a lot of books to make up for not reviewing lately! Also, I am receiving an ARC sometime this month (Or early next month, depends on how long it takes the publishers to send it out), so you can expect that review on here by itself. It's called A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith, and it's a contemporary fiction with a slight romance theme in it. Technically, it's a reprint, I guess, since the original release date for it was 2007, but still, it's new to me! It wasn't my first choice on this past month's LT Early Reviewers Program, but oh well. It still sounds semi interesting. All the best! Until next time, TBQ

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