Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HUNTED-- Only a Week Left!

If you, like me, have been a huge fan of the mother-daughter duo's acclaimed teen fiction series, The House of Night, then you probably know what next Tuesday is. That's right-- HUNTED! It all began with Marked, almost 2 years ago, and has quickly progressed to the fifth installment, Hunted, which is released to bookstores near you next Tuesday, March 10th. I can't wait. Seriously, I've been drawn in from the beginning. True, I have a long list of vampire romances (especially teen series) that I love, but this is definitely in the top 10! Zoey's voice adds a distinct vibe to the story, adding to it. They are all very quick, fast paced reads, and even if you are over the 'teen' age, I would definitely recommend them. I now have two questions for you, readers:
1. If you are already a fan, and you are awaiting Hunted just like I am, what are your thoughts on the book? What do you think will happen next (Don't give out too big of spoilers though!). Leave a comment about the book and series, and see if others agree with you!
And my second Question:
If you HAVEN'T read them yet, what are you waiting for? At least try one, where's the harm in that, right? A bit over 250 pages or so, drop in the bucket compared to some of the romance (or other) novels you might read.
And if you don't find that they hold your attention, that's fine. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and I respect that. But if you do end up loving them, which I think you will, then the worse that will happen is you'll suddenly find yourself rushing out to buy the others.
Check out the website Here! Look around, enjoy the various extras and, of course, all the information on the books.
Click here to go and read the first chapter of Hunted (I dare you to say no. Who doesn't love reading snippets of upcoming books?). Now I've got you hooked, don't I? And as if that wasn't a good enough reason to prepare for Hunted, check out this exclusive video trailer below. Come on-- can you honestly tell me that you DON'T want to read a book that looks like that?! :D Enjoy! Until Next Time, ~TBQ~

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