Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Reading List

March-- my favorite month of the year. But then, I could be biased (It is my birthday month!). :) I decided that I would post the (tentative) list of books I wish to tackle this month. This is difficult for me. In most other aspects of my life, I love organization-- lists, plans, etc. But when it comes to my reading plans, I like to be a bit I would rather go over to my (multiple) TBR mountains and pick a few books up, flip through them, maybe do a quick 'Enie-Meine-Miney-Moe', and then settle down with my choice. That way, if I suddenly get a craving for a sexy Highland hero, Oh look, Wedding the Highlander! Or if I need a spicy paranormal, Hey there's a Lora Leigh novel! Done, my need has been appeased for the moment. If I have a list to follow, and all my Highland lords are on NEXT month's list, then it's not the same. I feel like I'm cheating by bumping it up to this month's list after I've already completed the lists and started working my way through it. Sure, I can change it-- it's my list, my life. But it's just not the same for me. Hard to explain and understand, I know, but that's just how I am. However, I decided I'd try it out. One, because my TBR is starting to get out a bit out of control (though I have made a nice dent in it lately) and by making a list, I can control myself and try to start from some of the ones that have been in the pile longer. And two, with my two challenges on LibraryThing (999 Challenge and Paranormal 999 Challenge) this year, a plan of which ones I'll read each month may help me to tackle them quicker. We'll see... So, after that long ramble of thoughts/complaints, here is my list for March: (One last Disclosure: Subject to Change at Any Time, List in No Particular Order) 1. Trouble In High Heels by Leanne Banks (I'm currently reading this one, and I've got about 60 pages left. I'll easily have it finished by tonight.) 2. Seducing a Scottish Bride by Sue-Ellen Welfonder (I plan on starting this one next) 3. The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe (Library book, due in a week or so, so this will be after SSB). 4. A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer (999 Challenge, mystery category) 5. The Seduction of an Unknown Lady by Samantha James (999 Challenge, romance category) 6. Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan (999 Challenge, romance category) 7. Perfect by Judith McNaught (999 Challenge, romance category) 8. Nightwalker by Joceylnn Drake (999 Challenge, urban fantasy/fantasy category) 9. Edge of Twilight by Maggie Shayne (Paranormal 999 Challenge, Vampire Category) 10. Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason (Para 999 Challenge, Vampire Category) 11. Hidden Moon by Lori Handeland (Para 999 Challenge, Shapeshifters/Werewoles Category) 12. Bound by Light by Anna Windsor (Para 999 Challenge, Magic/Witches Category) 13. Wedding the Highlander by Janet Chapman (Para999 Challenge, Time Travel Category) 14. Enslave me Sweetly by Gena Showalter (Para 999 Challenge, Aliens/Other Worlds Category) 15. Warrior: The Time Hunters by Angela Knight (Para 999 Challenge, Aliens/Other Worlds Category) 16. Demon Moon by Meljean Brook (Para 999 Challenge, Demon Category) 17. Immortals the Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley (Para 999 Challenge, Immortal Category) 18. Soul Song by Marjorie M. Lui (Para 999 Challenge, Psychic Category) 19. Ride the Fire by Pamela Clare (Thanks again, Barbara! I'm so sorry that it is so far down on my list. But I can always bump it up at any time if I get an itch for spicy historical!) 20. Wild Card by Lora Leigh 21. P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern (999 Challenge, Contemporary/Chick Lit Category) 22. Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson (999 Challenge, Teen Fiction Category) Again, it could change. Or even get longer, if I finish all those before March is over (doubtful, but who knows). If it does, I will update the post. Until Next Time, ~TBQ~


Anonymous said...

I've tried on many many occassions to follow a scheduled TBR. just never pans out. You have a great list! I wish you the best of luck with sticking to it :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Believe me, I know what you mean. I've tried this before, but I didn't last long at all. It was too difficult. However, I'm going to try again. So far, I've managed to stick to it, but that could easily change. If nothing else, at least I put fourth the effort, right? LOL.