Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh DEER God, and my B&N Haul

Oh deer, indeed.
So, I went shopping yesterday, in the city (a good 60 miles from where I live). I was gone most of the day, and usually I start heading back home around 7 or 8, which means I'm home by nine. But last night, I had a million places to go, and visiting to do, and I didn't start up the canyon back home until after 9.
Everything was fine...up until I was about 10 MILES, 10 FREAKING MILES, from home. Then, suddenly, a group of deer come out of no where! Bam, right in the middle of the road, I can't slow down to a stop in time, and I can't safely swerve (even if I wanted to, which I didn't, not at night especially). I missed the first two easily... but the third one, the last member of their little Congo line, well, she didn't stop in the middle of the road and let me pass like a smart little deer. No, instead she kept walking, and, I hit her. Or she hit me, depends on the way you look at it. 50 MPH, and she hits the left side of my car.
To make a long story short, my car instantly shut down. Wouldn't start, wouldn't turn over, no brakes, nothing. I managed to go a bit more to coast to a stop and get a bit off the road before it gave up completely. I go to open my door, shaken, but glad that no one was hurt (I had my grandfather and grandmother in the car with me, I was taking them back home as well since they can't drive well at night), when I soon find out I can't open my door very far! It's been dented in pretty bad, right in on the frame, and I had to force it open to even get out. That's when I see the complete damage...
I already knew that it took out my left head light, but I wasn't prepared for the rest. My whole left side of the car, around the head light, is gone. Smashed back on the road in pieces about a block behind where my car finally stopped. You can see right in to the battery and everything, and since it wouldn't start, I'm sure that's why. The hood is dented, the tire is sitting by itself with no plastic fender or protection over it like normal, and my car door, as I already said, is pretty mangled. Surprisingly, my mirror wasn't broke off, even though the deer, when I hit, was pretty much smashed against my side of the car and window. (BTW, I literally beat the SHIT out of the deer. Crap and a bit of blood *ewww* all over the side of my door).
I had to grab our stuff, push it off to the side of the road more, put the four ways on and lock it up, and a man and his family, who were nice enough to stop and help, gave us a ride into town. (Thank you, again, though I'm sure you aren't reading this). Now I've got to get a tow truck out there to take it to the shop, find a rental service down here (Which, FYI, there isn't one. We're too hick, apparently), all before tomorrow.
I don't want to see the bill when this goes to the repair shop, even with the insurance....
Well, that's my sad/pathetic/scary story for the year! First accident in my life, and it was a stupid deer 10 miles outside of town. I feel bad for the deer, of course, but there was nothing I could do and she refused to move in time.
Moving on to the 'My B&N Haul' part of this post!
So while shopping yesterday, I broke down (no pun intended from the last part of the post!) and went to the beautiful brick building. I thought I could handle myself, control my spending and urges, and walk out with the three books I had planned to go in for. That was a mistake, believing I could actually control myself in a book store...
An hour later (really quick for me, usually I'm in there longer), and I came out with a big back of books... and 70 dollars poorer!
Here's what I originally went in for:
~ Lover Avenged by J.R Ward
~Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr
~The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong
And here are the others that *somehow* managed to catch a ride in my basket before I checked out....
~Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon
~ Shadow Heart by Laura Kinsale **But it was in the Bargain Priced section.. how could I walk away from it? 4 dollars for a book? Come on, tell me you wouldn't be buy it, too!**
And then I also bought a copy of this month's RomanticTimes Book Review magazine. :D
I tried, I really did. I went almost two months without going to B&N before this trip, which was very difficult, but it was a huge accomplishment for me as well. And when I was there yesterday, I bypassed dozens, maybe hundreds, of books that I've been wanting to read AND DID NOT BUY THEM! True, I didn't really have the money, but if I really wanted to, I could have found a way to buy them *CHARGE IT!, as the shopaholics say*. Probably a good thing that I have a debit card, not a credit so I can't just charge away when I go to a bookstore! LOL.
Okay, I'm beat. I've still got to call the insurance, find a tow company and rental car..... *SIGH* And here I was hoping to have a normal, stress free weekend. Looks like that went down the drain!
Hope everyone else is doing great, having fun, reading lots of good books. And I hope none of you have killed any furry animals lately! ;) Guilty, myself.
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