Tuesday, July 14, 2009


...And no, I'm not talking about another 'Oops, I bought more books'. No, this post is for a different sort of oops. I was looking back through my older posts today (which is really weird, especially when I see how my review style has changed over the past year), when I noticed something important: I started this blog June 20th, 2008. *Cricket sounds* Which means I completely forgot and missed my blog's one year anniversary! How could I? I don't know-- I thought for sure I started it in July, I guess, and then with everything else I've been doing, I just kind of spaced off... I think this would be a major 'Oops', don't you? My poor blog-- she probably feels like I forgot her b-day! I'll make it up to you, I swear. ;) And next year, I'll remember! Maybe even make up for it with some contests or something.. And that's another thing--- I keep saying I'm going to host my own contest, and I still haven't. I've got extra copies of books here, ready for a contest, but I just keep putting it off. Either I'm too busy, or I forget (that word's being used a lot today...) or I just don't have the money to send the prizes out. True, it's not like it's a ton of money to do it, but depending on where you send it and how many books you're sending, it can add up-- especially since, with so many books I want to giveaway, I'd probably have one winner for each one. *SIGH*. Okay, I promise I'll get the contest thing going ASAP. I'd like to have one before this year is over, but... No promises! Okay, enough of my ranting! Enjoy your day everyone! And prepare for HP tomorrow-- I know a few of you will no doubt be standing in lines by this time tomorrow, if you haven't already seen it by then! Until Next Time, The Book Queen


Blanche said...

Happy Belated 1 year Annivesary!!! :)

I think my kids might be doing the midnight show of Harry Potter but I can't stay up that late anymore! LOL

Heather D said...

Happy Blog-o-versary TBQ!!

Blanche Im jealous of your kids right now! I completely forgot about the midnight show tonight. I have my sister's boys and I can't see spending that kind of money on tickets when I know they will all fall asleep.