Friday, July 10, 2009

What Did I Receive?

I know, I've been slacking again. Tell me something I don't know... I've missed the last few Fridays postings for books I've received, mainly because, well, I haven't received a whole lot, so how can I post about it? ;) And then last Friday was just crazy because it was the weekend of the 4th, so I had no time to post! Therefore, this week's 'What Did I Receive' has a few books I received last week, along with the one I got this week. ...And my story about how I've got to stop going shopping for anything, even food! But more on that later... ;) So here's what I got last week, and failed to mention:
Title: Acheron
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Summary (B&N):
Finally, the story of the Dark-Hunter leader, Acheron, is revealed… He was made human in order to escape death. Eleven thousand years ago, a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime of shame. But the strongest steel is forged from the fires of hell… But in death, he was reborn a god... Acheron’s human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. Then, brought back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind. Only it was never that simple. For centuries, Acheron has fought for our survival and hidden a past he’ll do anything to keep concealed. Until a lone woman who refuses to be intimidated by him threatens his very existence. Now his survival—and ours—hinges on hers, and old enemies reawaken and unite to kill them both. War has never been more deadly...or more fun.
This is the book I won from Anna's lovely contest a few weeks ago. Thanks again, Anna! ;) I know I'm going to love Acheron... as soon as I hurry up and finish the rest of the series first! LOL. And Anna, wonderful person that she is, sent a long a LOAD of extras, bookmarks for various books, Dark-Hunter memorabilia, etc. I spent a good 30 minutes looking through all the goodies! Thanks again, I love it all! And this week, I received my ARC copy of Random House's YA fantasy book. It came out last week, so my ARC isn't quiet as amazing as if I had got it a few months ago, but I'm still very thankful for them sending it, don't get me wrong! Anyway, even though my copy still has the first title on it (Fairy Lust, which I prefer over the new title, but oh well!), shortly after the first ARC's were printed, they decided the title needed to be changed to what is currently on the books if you go and buy your own copy:
Title: Fairy Tale
Author: Cyn Balog
Summary (B&N):
A captivating and witty dark fantasy that will have girls lusting after it.
Morgan Sparks has always known that she and her boyfriend, Cam, are made for each other. But when Cam’s cousin Pip comes to stay with the family, Cam seems depressed. Finally Cam confesses to Morgan what’s going on: Cam is a fairy. The night he was born, fairies came down and switched him with a healthy human boy. Nobody expected Cam to live, and nobody expected his biological brother, heir to the fairy throne, to die. But both things happened, and now the fairies want Cam back to take his rightful place as Fairy King.
Even as Cam physically changes, becoming more miserable each day, he and Morgan pledge to fool the fairies and stay together forever. But by the time Cam has to decide once and for all what to do, Morgan’s no longer sure what’s best for everyone, or whether her and Cam’s love can weather an uncertain future.
And now for the story behind my 'No more Shopping' thing... Well, yesterday, I went into my local grocery store to buy a few last minute items for dinner (Homemade Shepard's Pie, stuffing, and yummy garlic bisquits-- all very good, if I do say so myself!) Big mistake! Like I've said before, the way my store's set up, the book spinning rack is right as you come in the door-- no way to avoid it or walk past without stopping. Needless to say, I stopped, thinking I'd just give it a quick glance-- they probably wouldn't have anything new and good there that I didn't already have, since they don't always get whole new shipments every single week. And even if there was something there that I wanted, I told myself I was going to walk away from it-- my pile back at home is growing on me again, it's up to about 145 or so. (If you notice, the number of books I've read this year are about equal with my TBR pile at the moment, but while you'd expect my TBR number to go down in proportion to my Finished total going up, it's just no happening.. Probably because of these little 'oops' moments I have while shopping!) Of course, I broke down and grabbed two. Which isn't bad, considering there were a few more that looked good on the rack.. but I controlled myself, partially, and only bought the two. Here's what I got:
Author: Shirl Henke
Summary: None. *Sorry, but you can go to her website and find an excerpt and a bit of info...*
Now, I haven't read a lot of American Western/Native American historical romances, but it's not because I don't enjoy them--- I usually just have to really search to find a good author/book in this category (IE, Susan Edwards, whose work I adore and wish they'd reprint her older titles!). But this cover just called my name, even though I've never heard of the book, nor read any of this author's work. However, I'm willing to give it a shot, and while flipping through it, I was instantly drawn to the book. I'll try to post a review when I get done with it, whenever that may be...
Author: Pamela Palmer
Summary (B&N):
They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will. Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release . . . Kara MacAllister's quiet small-town life is transformed forever the night a powerful stranger rips her from her home, claiming she is the chosen one—the key to his survival. Spiriting her away into the rain-soaked night, Lyon reveals a truth Kara can barely credit. She's immortal, and the only one who can save his race. And deep within her, he arouses a fierce, primal hunger beyond anything she's ever imagined. But only when their lives are threatened by an ancient evil will Kara and Lyon realize they have found a love they would risk their immortal souls to claim . . . and a powerful desire that could never, ever be tamed.
Now, besides the fact that I've been anxious to read this new series, again, the cover grabbed my attention. Damn, what I wouldn't do to have a man like that posing for me! ;) And if he was a Feral Warrior like Lyon, well, I wouldn't be complaining at all! I think this is going to be another top paranormal author/series for me, just through the summary, reviews I've read, etc. Can't wait to read the future books-- and I haven't even started on this one! I've got a book obsession, I know... So that's my sad little story-- and my haul for the past couple of weeks. Now, I'm going to go and work on Fairy Tale, since a review is expected of that one (something I've been falling behind on again this year...Damn!). And I'm going to try and work on a new review this weekend, for the book I just finished today, Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. Hopefully nothing comes up this weekend to mess up my goals! ;) Enjoy-- and TGIF! *sigh* Sometimes it seems like Summer is more hard work and plans than relaxation and vacation-- or is it just me? Until Next Time, The Book Queen

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Katie said...

Great books. Fairy Tale sounds like my kind of book and I always break down when I say I'm not going to buy books. =P