Saturday, August 15, 2009

Change in Posts....

I know I said I would post TWO 'Want to Read Lists' a week-- one on Sunday, and the other on Friday. But as the lists keep getting longer, and the summer comes to an end (meaning that my college courses start up again soon, along with my job, family, etc), I've found that getting both of them done on time is just not happening. So, as much as I hate going back on my word, I will no longer be posting one on Sunday. I will post ONE 'Want to Read List' a week, on Friday, and that will be it until the following Friday. I will still have all my other posts (Teaser Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesday, and the What Did I Receive Fridays when I get a book in the mail, along with contest alerts, book shopping, and the book reviews). But I will just be stretching out the Want to Read Lists to give myself more time to complete them, and do everything else in my life, too. I hope this is okay with everyone, and know that the lists will still be posted, just not quiet as often. :D Well, I think I'm going to see Time Traveler's Wife tonight with my two friends, and I'm sure I'll post my thoughts on it sometime next week. If not, then maybe I didn't end up going after all. Or maybe I'm just lazy, who knows. I'm not going to the movie after all-- both of my friends bailed on me at the last minute (And I do mean bailed, they both said yes, but suddenly they had 'other things' they had to do, and I think my one friend left to go with her newest boyfriend to a different movie instead). Needless to say, I'm a bit pissed-- not just because I won't get to see what could be my next favorite movie of all time (I hate going to a movie theater alone), but because this is not the first time this past summer that the three of us have tried to plan our monthly 'Girls Night Out' kind of thing, for fun and to catch up, and for the past.... 5, 6 months maybe, it's been either one or the other (or even both) that have 'other' plans last minute. And that's another thing that's making me so upset-- it's not like they call well in advance and say 'Sorry, I can't, maybe next time?'. Oh no-- it's always within an hour before we should be leaving to go to the movies, and then I'm left trying to plan my life around their withdrawals. Don't get me wrong, I love 'em both like the sisters I've never had, and they've been there for me for years, since elementary for the one, middle school on the other, but lately... Well, let's just say my life this year has been spent with family or by myself, rarely with the two women that are my 'best friends forever', like we promised as little girls. *SIGH* Okay, I'm done with my complaining... I feel bad for doing so on my blog, but I'm just in a bad mood over it right now. Oh, and look for my review on Secret Society soon-- I'm starting it today, and I'm thinking about posting the review in the last week or two of August, since it's release day is the end of September. ;) Enjoy! Until Next Time, The Book Queen

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  1. Looking forward to the review! Hope you enjoy the movie!