Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've Fallen Prey to the Dreaded....Cold

Yes, I know, this is an odd post coming from me. And you're probably also wondering "Where is your Teaser Tuesday?"
Well, I'll answer both inquiries with five words: The evil cold has struck!
Yep, Sunday evening, I started to feel that annoying tickle in your throat, the one that taunts you by making you wonder "Will I get the full blown cold this time?". And unfortunately for me, this year it decided to strike full blast. Last year, I was lucky-- no cold, no flu, not even a sniffle all winter long!
But this year? I get sick in September! Ugghh. Talk about a bad week...
So, due to my horrible cold, I won't be posting a TT this week (I know, it's like the 3rd week in a row), and I may not post a WoW tomorrow either. I am, however, going to push myself into finishing my review for Menu for Romance before the end of the week, and get that posted.
See, I'm going to stick to my goal of one review a week, even when I'd much rather crawl back into bed and die. But no, for you, my wonderful readers, I'm going to risk the pounding headache, the raspy cough, the annoying sore throat, and even the devastating congestion, just so you can read my (not so wonderful, I'm sure) review! Ah, really, no praise is necessary, I do it out of the goodness of my heart! Okay, joking aside, I am going to push myself and stick to my review goal, so wish me luck!
I will have a post on Friday (hopefully the review, along with my weekly 'What Did I Receive", since today alone I was graced with 3 ARCs!), but for now, I'd much rather sit on the couch with some hot soup and a good book, hoping for this cold to either go away or take my life. Well, okay, maybe not quiet that dramatic, but since I'm sure you've all had a cold like I have, you probably know what I mean. :D
Next week I'm going to get back to even more reviews. I have the following books lined up to be reviewed this month:
  • The Healing Spells by Kiki Howell
  • Magic Under Glass by Jackie Dolamore
  • The Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
  • Postmistress by Sarah Blake

And since that's just books I've had sent to me last week (Healing Spell) and today (the other three), who knows how many more could be added to my list. One thing is for sure, after my long lull of no ARCs and Reviewer copy books, I'm suddenly getting them all at once! Which means that my poor TBR pile just keeps growing instead of shrinking.... *SIGH*.

I'm off to the couch now, and hopefully something warm and delicious for dinner... if I have the motivation to fix something. :D I hope everyone else is healthy and well, and please-- try to avoid falling prey to the dreaded cold like I have!


Until Next Time, The Book Queen


Alaine said...

TBQ you have my sympathy, I'm at the tale end of mine, but the worst of it's over and it was a killer one as well. Whatever happened to a cold just being sneezing and sniffles? Hope you get lots of rest and feel better soon.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh honey... I am so sorry to hear that. Daughter had the flu not to long ago, so my heart goes to you! I will make you some chicken noddle soup! It does help!
Make sure to drink a lot of fluids! Take care of yourself and don't worry about here... We need you better!
**sending some get well magic your way**