Thursday, October 8, 2009

[ARC Review]--- "Magic Under Glass"

Author: Jackie Dolamore

Pub. Date: December 22, 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

Genre: YA, Magic, Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9781599904306
Summary (
Nimira is a foreign music-hall girl forced to dance for mere pennies. When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to sing with a piano-playing automaton, Nimira believes it is the start of a new and better life. In Parry's world, however, buried secrets are beginning to stir. Unsettling below-stairs rumors swirl about ghosts, a madwoman roaming the halls, and Parry's involvement with a league of sorcerers who torture fairies for sport. Then Nimira discovers the spirit of a fairy gentleman named Erris is trapped inside the clockwork automaton, waiting for someone to break his curse. The two fall into a love that seems hopeless, and breaking the curse becomes a race against time, as not just their love, but the fate of the entire magical world may be in peril.
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My Review:
I don't usually throw the words "Spell-binding", "Luscious", or "Amazing!" around lightly-- so when you see all three of them, plus many more similar ones, in my review, you know you're in for one heck of a book!
First off, Magic Under Glass is a wonderful example of fantasy and fairy tale combined-- it reminds me of the (early) Disney movies, not because it's "childish" (far from it) but because of Jackie's ability to weave the story around the reader, completely emerging us into Nimira's world, and combining a great romantic element to it as well. Much like "Beauty and the Beast" enchants the romantic/fantasy lover in young girls, this book rekindles that same feeling, even for those of us that thought we had long since grown out of this stage!
Speaking of movies, Magic Under Glass is one of the few books I wouldn't mind seeing turned into a movie, which isn't something I usually want to happen to my favorite books. However, no movie is needed, since Dolamore paints such a beautiful and lush portrayal of the novel, characters, and pretty much every element that made the story so wonderful! Spell-binding is putting it lightly-- once you pick this book up, you won't want to stop, so be prepared to set everything else aside for a day!
I really enjoyed reading the interaction between Nimira and Erris, their friendship (and later, their love) was easy to see, and nicely done. And Erris... well, he's an interesting character, since he's neither the automaton that everyone believes, nor human, but, in fact, the long lost Prince of the fairies. He's such a sweet, and slightly tortured, young man, that I can see how Nimira falls for him. By the end of the novel, I too had developed a bit of a crush on Erris.
The details, both in the characters, the setting, and the story itself, are, simply put, spectacular! I can find no real fault in any of Dolamore's writing, except for I wish I could get my hands on the sequel now, so I can find out more about Nimira and Erris! Otherwise, she manages to capture the readers attention from the very beginning, and right away you'll find yourself entangled in the magic and whimsy aura of Nimira's world, not wishing to leave, even when the story comes to a close.

4.5 STARS! For a debut novel, Jackie Dolamore does a truly magical job at creating a world that will leave the readers breathless, craving more of strong-willed Nimira's story. A heavy dash of magic, a touch of mystery and suspense, and to round it all out, a lush dose of romance combines almost effortlessly into a one of a kind book that I have no doubt anyone will love. Don't even let the "YA" genre fool you-- I would recommend this to older readers just as easily as I will the younger. Everyone loves a good fairy tale, and Magic Under Glass definitely fits the requirements for a good classic!

Thanks again to Jackie, from whom I won this amazing book from! And thanks for the amazing pictures in it, I really loved them, as much, if not more, than the story itself!


Until Next Time,The Book Queen


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Wow.... Spell-binding, Luscious and Amazing!! Girl, this must have been some book!!! I have seen this book at a couple of places... but your review brings it up front! Wonderful job!!!
Debit card is hiding!!! LOL!
I hope you have a great night!

Jill Buck said...

This sounds like a really good read.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Alaine said...

WOW fantastic review, am going to add the one to my wish list!

The_Book_Queen said...

Honestly, this book deserves every ounce of bragging I put into my review-- it was very well done, interesting, romantic... *SIGH* I just can't wait to read more by Jackie, she's proved herself to be amazing to me already, in only one book! :D

So add it to your wish list girl--- I promise, you won't regret it! :D
"Debit card is hiding!!! LOL!"
Ha, see, that's why I don't trust myself with a debit or credit card-- I'd quickly get myself into sooo much financial trouble...

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad that you enjoyed my review. I hoep you pick this book up later this year-- I'm sure you will love it!

Ah, thanks! :D It's truly a great read, I know you'd love it! :D

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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