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[ARC Review]: "Modern Day Witch Hunt"

Title: Modern Day Witch Hunt Author: Kiki Howell Publisher: eXcessica publishing Publication Date: September/October 2009 (Print/E-Book) Genre: Erotic, Paranormal Pages: 148

Summary ( ): Kamillia is an author of paranormal romances living in an upscale suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Accused of being an actual witch herself by an ambitious group of businessmen with a dark agenda, she is surprised to find a man who resembles one of her fictional, alpha male heroes at her door offering her protection.

Luca is an immortal Watcher from the River of Light. Sent to Earth to help Kamillia, whose true heritage has yet to be revealed to her, Luca is caught off guard by the fighting spirit of the woman and the way his human body betrays him in her presence.

When research for her next novel requires Kamillia to travel to Italy, she and Luca are forced to join together despite numerous obstacles to overcome the evil of many centuries blocking a portal there. Only then, can she return to the problems awaiting her in her own city, with or without this stranger who has captured her heart but cannot share her future.

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My Review:

For a quick read, Modern Day Witch Hunt wasn't half bad. However, I can't say that it was my favorite either.

I think the main thing that lowered the rating for me was the lack of connection between the characters. I know, this is an 'erotica' novel, not straight romance. But, for me at least, romance is still a key part of erotica novels as well. Maybe the sex takes a front seat for a while, and it's much more explicit, but the romance should still be there. Right?

Despite this flaw, the writing in general was good. Howell does a nice job at describing the setting, allowing the writing to flow, et cetera. However, the one thing I would have liked a bit more detail on is the magical world this was set in. I wanted to know so much more about the 'Watchers', what they are, and especially a bit more about Luca's past. There's so much potential with this plot line, but it was like we only got a skim from the surface of it, when I wanted to submerge myself in the world instead. If this part of the book had been expanded a bit more, with a lot more details -- and characters too (really, I don't remember any besides h/hr!) -- I'm sure my rating would have gone up more.

Even though it was a novella (short novel), I felt like the basic plot for the book was a bit too rushed. The build up, the back ground information, it didn't quiet flow as smoothly as I would have liked. Maybe it would have worked out much better if this had been a full length novel instead.

BUT, I still liked the book, and I'll still look for Howell's future books. A few flaws here and there won't throw me off the author for good. And it could be that I was looking forward to more of a romance novel at the time that I picked this up-- it's an opinion only, so I can't say the problems I had with the book are completely the author's fault.

3 STARS! If you like to read erotica novels, then maybe you should put this one on your next wish list. A nice, quick read, Modern Day Witch Hunt manages to tease your interest, but in the end, it leaves you wanting more-- maybe a future book about the Watchers introduced in this one? If only Halloween wasn't over, I'd suggest this as a good one to read that night.

~~~~~ Thanks again to Kirstein (aka, Kiki Howell) for sending this novel to me to review! ~~~~~ Sorry I'm running so behind on my reviews! Even though my computer is back, it's not completely recovered..... Slow running, a few straggling viruses that I've had to scan and 'kill'. Really, this just isn't my month! Or months, I guess, since it all began last month...

But I will have Shiver's review up ASAP, hopefully before Friday. Also, I 'm going to get back into more posts in between reviews (maybe more of my wish list?!).

Enjoy! Until Next Time,

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Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Honesty is always your best policy! And this was as honest as you can get. And I love it that you are! Makes the review stand out. What is your cup might not be mine or vice verse.
I hope you had a great day!