Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blog Design Changes--- Thanks Jenn!

As you may have noticed, I now have a new header for my blog! And can I say, I love it? I think it really captures what my blog is, who I am, and over all my reading tendencies (Romance!).

I can't claim the header, however. Nope, this beautiful design is the work of the talented, clever, and extremely sweet Jenn! Thanks a ton, girl!

Not only did she design my header, but she also gave me quite a few blogger tips and hints, helped to tweak my layout a bit (Notice the new 'Crowns' on my sidebar? Yep, Jenn's work again!) and so much more! And, wonderful person that she is, she's still not done. I'm sure you'll see a few other changes on my blog design/graphics over the next few weeks, and know that it's all thanks to Jenn.

Now, many of you may not know, but Jennifer is actually a graphic design artist, besides being a fellow romance book blogger!

You know what that means? If you're wanting help with your own blog (or other website), you can visit her business website (here) to learn more about her work, and contact her for a possible quote on the graphics you want. After seeing her work, both on the website and now on my own blog, I can highly recommend her!

Remember, tomorrow morning will be the debut of my new meme, Lusting for Covers! Be sure to check back and joy the fun!


Until Next Time,


Blanche said...

Absolutely beautiful TBQ!!! Jenn is amazing! :)

MonieG said...

Looks good!!

Amy C said...

I saw your new banner yesterday and I think it is perfect for you! I love it!

I'll be by tomorrow for sure. I always love looking at covers.

Amenda Animal Trainer said...

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