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[Review]: "Like Mayflies in a Stream"

Title: Like Mayflies in a Stream
Author: Shauna Roberts
Publisher/Publication Date: Hadley Rille Books (October 5, 2009)
Genre: Historical Fiction/ Mythology Reference
Summary (Amazon):
In the great city of Uruk, there is no peace when Gilgamesh is restless, and he is never at rest. Shamhat, a priestess of Inanna, goes into the wilderness to find and civilize a match for Uruk's violently active God-King. Like Mayflies in a Stream brings new life to the Epic of Gilgamesh, diving into one of the earliest conflicts between civilization and wilderness, civic order and freedom, romance and sexuality. A book of the Hadley Rille Books Archaeology Series.

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My Review:

The “Epic of Gilgamesh” comes alive with the vivid descriptions, characters, and crisp writing talent of Shauna Roberts! Although it is a retelling of an ancient myth, one that perhaps not all of us are as familiar with as, say, King Arthur, Like Mayflies in a Stream is written in such a way that it gives a fresh voice to an otherwise ordinary tale.

If you enjoy a good historical novel, or if you are already interested in anything related to mythology, then this is the book for you! No matter the age, from teens to adults, this makes a quick, fascinating read. Roberts provides a look into the past, during a time long ago, but connects the characters to the reader in such a way that you almost forget this is taking place centuries ago-- it feels real, and it's believable. As they say, human nature doesn't change much, even over thousands of years, but the strong connection to the characters is mostly because of Roberts' skills at weaving a story together.

My only criticism, if you can call if that, is the descriptions were a bit much at times. Not necessarily a bad thing, but due to my personal preference, there were times when Roberts' almost painted the scene too vividly-- such as during the battles or gory scenes. Again, this is more of personal preference, since I'm not one for gory movies/books and the scenes I talk about from Like Mayflies in a Stream are actually pretty tame compared to many stories out there.

4 STARS! After covering the “Epic of Gilgamesh” in my mythology class last semester, this was an interesting retelling of the story. I enjoyed the story Roberts created around the epic tale while still allowing the reader to glimpse the original “myth” beneath the story. Very well written, entertaining, and quick-- this is not like most historical novels, which cover 700 plus pages and seem to drag on instead of flow smoothly. A good recommendation for anyone, history fans or not, as a refreshing break from the normal paranormal and fantasy novels out there.

Thanks to the author, Shauna, for sending me this book via GoodReads' First Reads giveaway in late December!


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Shauna Roberts said...

Thank you, Book Queen, for reading my book and taking the time to review it. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope your readers will as well.