Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Slight Delay...

So, I know that I was suppose to have two reviews up... One yesterday (The Returners by Gemma Malley) and one tomorrow (Winter of the Beast by Vonna Harper), BUT sadly, I'm going to have to push them (plus my future reviews) back a few more days.

Once again, I've been attacked by the dreaded .... Computer Malfunction Syndrome! ARGH!

I swear, this past year (last year and the month of this new year) has been horrible for me and my computer. Nothing seems to want to work for more than a few months at a time.... First, it was viruses, then basic computer problems/errors, and now my video card died on me! That means the computer (well, tower) would run, but the screen would stay black! Very problematic, as you can see... 

Today, after begging with the nice computer repair man in town to come out and look at it, I managed to get a cheap replacement to tide me over. But (hopefully) by Tuesday, I should have a new replacement of the video card that went out (it was a better quality, aka more expensive, one that I bought years ago for a specific program/game that wouldn't run without it). I can't wait-- the one that is in right now, while it works (and don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy that I have it until my new one comes in!) it is a bit... well, lower quality, is the best way I can think to describe it. The screen resolution and all that is different, and it just isn't as clear and pretty as it was with my previous card.

So, due to my lack of computer from Friday night until now, I've been unable to finish up my first review and post it, and the next review (due tomorrow) is for an E-Book that, you guessed it, I couldn't access all weekend to even finish reading! I did get my Lusting for Covers post up on time, but that was only because I finished it Friday (before said problems) and scheduled it to post on Sunday. Good thing I planned that ahead...

I'll try to get one of the reviews up by tomorrow night, but no promises. However, I will have both reviews up before the end of the week if it's the last thing I do! :D

Since I've been unable to log on all weekend, I'm just now getting caught up on things (email, blog posts, comments, etc), so please don't think I was ignoring you if you've sent something! I'm just slow to get to it! :D And thanks for those of you that participating in the Lusting for Covers meme today-- I'm just getting to them right now, but I loved them all and I appreciate that you like to join in on the fun with me! :D


Until Next Time, 


Teddyree said...

Ughh computer woes, don't you hate them ... so frustrating! Hope you get it all sorted and get back on track soon :-)

Janna said...

Darn them computer problems. They are a pain in the ass. I hope everything will be back to normal very soon!

JennJ said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry to hear this BIG HUGS computers are a blessing but they are a curse when they don't work right aren't they lol. I hope your up and going again and everything runs smoothly for ya from now on hon!