Monday, February 15, 2010

(Belated) B&N Haul....

I've been buried under a ton of textbooks and research papers lately, hence my MIA.

But as much as I hate putting my blog on hold like that, what's worse is putting my reading on hold as well. I have not finished ONE book this past week plus--- I've been reading, sure, but not from novels. Nope, the only pages I've read lately have been out of textbooks and books for my research papers. Hence the lack of reviews (though I do have one prepared, and I'll have it up later this week, I think.)

On to the real post...

Despite my hectic life right now, I did manage to drive over to Barnes and Nobles a week ago and look around. Amazingly, it was the first time I had been in there since... Wow, Christmas shopping, I think? I've been a good little girl lately, and I'm trying to get my TBR mountain down before I buy more. Sure, I slip up everyone now and then, but I'm improving! :D

Anyway, although I went in to the store to find a few books for class (I'm researching Celtic mythology for my English class), I *somehow* came out with a few extras... Don't judge! You would have done the same, admit it! And if you say "No I wouldn't!", then what are you doing on my blog? ;-)

Here is what I bought:

  • Celtic Myths and Legends by T.W. Rolleston (pictured left-- I don't like the cover on Amazon, in the widget I provided at the bottom of the post, so I wanted to show you my pretty cover instead!)

  • Celtic Myth and Legend by Charles Squire (my cover is also better looking than the Amazon one, but I was too lazy to find it and add it to the post..)

  • Troy by Adèle Geras

  • Ithaka by Adèle Geras

  • The Mammoth Book of Irish Romances by Various Authors

  • Food Network Magazine (this month)

  • Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine (this month)

Of course, I couldn't resist the pretty green, lush cover for the Mammoth Book of Irish Romances, so into the cart that went.

Then I was in the YA section, briefly, and saw the two books by Adèle Geras, and, well, they are suppose to be based on the Greek Myths, so maybe I might need them for "research". (Yes, I'm doing my paper on Celtic mythology. Your point..?)

And I couldn't resist the two magazines--I need recipes to keep my energy up while slaving away at my course work, and what would I do without my monthly RT magazine that helps me increase my towering wish list?

As if that wasn't bad enough, this past Saturday, while in the local Dollar Store picking up last minute Valentine's Day cards for my family (FYI-- never show up at the store the day before said holiday, because NOTHING is left on the shelves), I happened to stop by their small shelf of books.

Don't worry, they didn't have the box o' paperback books like they did earlier this summer (see famous "Oops... Yep, I Did it Yet Again!" post here for details!)

After moving all the boring non-fiction books to the side, I found a paperback book that looked interesting-- and familar. I picked it up, and it was a romance anthology! Yeah! Well, I couldn't very well leave it there, to a lonely existance in the store on the day before Valentine's day! So into my arms it went. The book was Bad Boys Next Exit by Shannon McKenna, Donna Kauffman,  and E.C. Sheedy! I can't wait to read this one, it sounds so... yummy. Dangerous boys and lots of kinky sex? I'm in! :D

Here's a widget of all the items I bought with links to, in case you want to know more about any of them. :D

And if you decide to buy any of those said items, using the links embedded in the widget, I do receive a very small percent from your order, since I'm part of the Amazon Associates. Any money I might make (almost a year, and so far I've yet to receive any) will go towards buying books for future giveaways on my blog, not for personal gain.

I hope that everyone had a great V-Day yesterday! Mine wasn't too exciting, what with all the research I was doing, but it was a good day anyway. :)

I'm trying to get all my work done this week, so that I can still fit in a few posts here and there, but unfortunately, I probably won't be back to full time blogging for a few months yet. This year, I'm just having more trouble keeping all my courses, personal life (including blogging and pleasure reading), and work evenly balanced. But I will get it fixed as soon as I can, and I do still log on daily and read many of your blogs, even if I don't have enough time (or coherent brain cells...) to post my own reviews, etc.

So until then, it is up to you guys to read plenty of good books, so that when I have some spare time myself, I can come to you for recommendations on what to read. Lately, when I have had time to read a novel, I've been having some tough times getting into them.... Reading blahs, as some have called it. Help!


Until Next Time,

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Unknown said...


I love the look of your blog, so pretty!!

Great haul, some good read there!

Dottie :)