Sunday, August 29, 2010

UPDATED CONTEST-- "The Eternal Ones" Giveaway


The Eternal Ones
Due to various reasons, my contest (link HERE) will now end NEXT Sunday (September 5th, 2010) instead of tonight. All people that have already entered, your names are still in, no worries. However, for those that have yet to enter, they now have one more week.

That means I need YOUR help! Please, help to spread the word for this contest. If I get a big enough turn out of interested people, I will hold future contests on my blog. However, if there aren't many of you that want to enter, it will be harder to convince publishers and authors to supply a free book for you guys to win!

I know that you can't say no to a free book-- it's impossible! So, even if you don't wish to enter this contest, please take a moment of your time to post a link to the contest on your blog, twitter, whatever! Just help me to get the word out. I will be eternally greatful-- and you may win THE ETERNAL ONES in exchange! Sounds like a good deal to me...

Here's the link to the contest, please enter on (Contest) <--- this post only!

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