Friday, September 16, 2011

Have You Ever Read...

...Emma Holly's Fitz Clare Chronicles (Kissing Midnight, Breaking Midnight and Saving Midnight)?

As I am waiting to put together some actual reviews and other fun posts, I thought I'd try to begin a bit of a discussion post instead, to see just what books you guys have read, especially in my absence.

I've had Kissing Midnight and Breaking Midnight in my pile for quiet some time now (actually, BM was in the box of books I won a long, long time ago from Anna--ty again, by the way!), but for the life of me I cannot figure out why I kept pushing them further down in my TBR pile. There must have been some flaw... right?

Wrong. I searched and searched while I devoured both books in the span of two days, but I found no flaw, no reason why I cast them aside. All I can say is that I am terribly sorry that I did!

The books are amazing, the storyline enough to keep the reader on edge and Holly's idea of vampires different enough to make them stand apart from many of the others flooding the market lately. The characters are vivid, their love and pain bright enough to cut through the fictional words that bind them to the paper and make the reader feel it, too.

And the romance... Oh God, the romance! It's spicy hot all the time, yet sweet at all the right times! Holly has a way with description, with setting the scene. It's vivid enough to send the reader over into the realm of pleasure, erotic as some of the most explicit books out there, yet even in the midst of all this intense passion, it is never just sex. It is always something more, something loving, something lasting and deep and stronger than just the physical bond of joining their two bodies together.

That, my friends, is the mark of a true romance writer. When the passion can burn so bright that it burns the pages it was written on, sends the reader into convulsions, and yet is never downgraded to simple lust and crude f*cking. A true writer for this genre knows how to weave the hero and heroine's love and commitment into every sentence of the love scenes--even when using graphic, rough, or seemingly crude words or descriptions. This manages to not only solidify the feeling of true love between the characters, but also brings all the heat and spice to the table that any reader could possible want or need.


What do you think about this? Regardless of whether or not you've read these particular books, or even this author in general, do you know the writing that I am talking about? The feelings that such writing arouses? Do you agree with what I've said, or am I rambling so much that no one can even understand me? :D Let me know, either way!

Oh, and if you haven't read Emma Holly before, especially this series, may I just say: "What are you waiting for?!" It is a series that I highly recommend to any fan of this genre, and even to those that are unsure about it. It's potent, and highly addictive, so be warned: if you pick up one of them, be prepared to have the rest of the series in your possession too, for once you are done with one of them, the need to read the next one will hit you hard! I know this from exprience, as I have yet to get my hands on a copy of the rest of this series, or her related series, the Upyr books. As soon as I do though.... well, let us just say that they will not be unread books in my hands for long!


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Blodeuedd said...

I have not read these, but perhaps I'd enjoy them :)

Hm, I have a feeling I have a book by her. Not one of these though