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Guest Authors and Blog Tours

All previous interviews, guest posts, blog tours and author giveaways will be listed at the end of this page. They are listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name. This will allow you to see who has already been here (and perhaps might stop by again in the future), as well as find new authors or catch up on what is happening with your favorite authors.

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Denise Agnew (Interview)
Tracey Alvarez (Interview)
Sarah M. Anderson "Does a Cowboy Wear His Boots to Bed?" (Guest Post)
Sarah M. Anderson "Real Cowboys vs Sexy Cowboy Heroes" (Guest Post)
Sarah M. Anderson (Interview)
Nazarea Andrews "A Day in the Life of Atticus Grimes" (Guest Post)
Nazarea Andrews "Sweet Ruin Playlist" (Guest Post)
Amanda Arista "Blog 9--Nine Lives" (Guest Post)
Jackie Ashenden "Insider's Guide to New Zealand – Top Five Things To Do In Auckland" (Guest Post)

Jackie Ashenden (Interview)
Danica Avet "Superpower Shopping List" (Guest Post)

Tessa Bailey (Interview)
Kinley Baker "Rocking the Old World" (Guest Post)
J.K. Beck "Reading and Writing in a Series" (Guest Post)
Lauren Blakely "Playlist: Jane's Fave Sexy Songs" (GuestPost)
Hayden Braeburn (Interview--Kame + TBQ)
Sidney Bristol "Research, Japanese Tatoos, and Asian Foods..." (Guest Post)
Tracy Brogan "Why Historicals?" (Guest Post)
Kelsey Browning (Interview)
Alyson Burdette (Interview)
Catherine Bybee (Interview)
Catherine Bybee (Interview)

Liz Carlyle (Interview)
Isobel Carr (Interview)
Angela Castle "Why Paranormal Heroes?" (Guest Post)
Carol Cassada "Westmore" (Guest Post)
Camilla Chafer "Character Introduction: Meet Evan Hunter" (Guest Post)
Mae Clair (Interview)
Pamela Clare (Interview -- Kame)
Maire Claremont "The Dark Affair Dream Cast" (Guest Post)

Jami Davenport "Animals as Secondary Characters" (Guest Post)
Robyn DeHart (Interview)
Misty Dietz "Mentors: Pricy Currency" (Guest Post)
Tina Donahue "Heat with Heart" (Guest Post)
Fiona Druce "Love is a Funny Word" (Guest Post)
Fiona Druce "UF Rocks!" (Guest Post)
Fiona Druce "Love is a Funny Word" (GuestPost

Alexa Egan (Interview)
Bronwen Evans "Writing the Cinderella Story..." (Guest Post)


Chrys Fey (Character Interview)
April Fifer "Love  Bites!" (Guest Post)
Maureen Fisher "Animals in My Books" (Guest Post)
Bella Forrest (Interview)
Susanna Fraser (Interview)

Alice Gaines "Mating Season Inspiration" (Guest Post)
Cynthia Garner "5 Behind the Scenes/Fun Facts about Vampire's Hunger" (Guest Post)
Codi Gary "Playlist -- Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines" (Guest Post)
J.T. Geissinger "Is He a Shape Shifter?" (Guest Post)
Nancy Gideon (Character Interview)
Ann Gimpel "Real Women and Real Bodies in an Airbrushed World" (Guest Post)
Ann Gimpel "Time Travel and Writing" (Guest Post)
Eva Gordon (Character Interview)
Cait Greer "Dream Cast ParaWars: Uprising" (Guest Post)
T.A. Grey (Interview)
Kaleo Griffith (Interview w/ Kame)

Dawn Halliday (Interview)
Kacey Hammell (Interview)
A.M. Hargrove "The Creation of Jurek" (Guest Post)
Lily Harlem "Sexy Sportsmen" (Guest Post)
Kathleen Harrington (Interview)
Lauren Hawkeye "Why I Wrtie and What I Write" (Guest Post)
Erica Hayes "Let's Talk Magic" (Guest Post)
Erica Hayes (Interview)
Jennifer Haymore "Top 5 holiday novels (romances or otherwise)" (Guest Post)
Laurie Hunsaker "Time travel, is it the future? Or a thing of the past?" (Guest Post)
Aubrianna Hunter (Interview)
Danielle Hylton "Love Bites!" (Guest Post)

Alyssa Rose Ivy "Creating the Ultimate Secondary Characters" (Guest Post)

Myla Jackson "Top 10 Reasons Cowboys Rock Our World" (Guest Post)
Victoria James (Interview)
Jenna Jaxon (Interview)
Sophie Jordan "The Earl In My Bed--Why This Story Needed To Be Told!" (Guest Post)

Samantha Kane "Clueless" (Guest Post)
Isabo Kelly (Interview)
Mina Khan (Interview)
Cassidy Kingston (Interview)
Marne Ann Kirk "One Average (Crazy) Day in my Not-So-Writerly Life.... (Also known as, "Someone Get me Outta Here!!!)" (Guest Post)
Candace Knoebel (Interview)
Ruthie Knox "Banter as Foreplay" (Guest Post)
Ruthie Knox (Character Interview w/ Kame + TBQ)
Kathy Kulig "Crystal Power" (Guest Post)

Soraya Lane (Interview)
Soraya Lane "The Exciting World of Self-Publishing" (Guest Post)
Selena Laurence (Interview)
Danielle Lisle "The Fainting Room" (Guest Post)
Heather Long "Superhero Love" (Guest Post)

Abbey MacInnis "Writing a Holiday Themed Romance" (Guest Post)
Nana Malone (Interview)
Delilah Marvelle "Top 10 Favorite Historical Settings" (Guest Post)
Debbie Mason "Top 5 holiday novels (romances or otherwise)" (Guest Post)
Renea Mason "Sequels -- Who Knew?" (Guest Post)
Monica McCarty (Interview)
Amanda McIntyre (Interview)
Christine McKnight "Top 5 Signs You're Dating a Guy NOT of this World"
Robin Leigh Miller (Interview)
Robin Leigh Miller "Writing Erotica" (Guest Post)
Lisa Mondello "Falling in Love with Your Hero" (Guest Post)
Reese Monroe "Top 5 Man Candy Inspiration" (Guest Post)
Kymber Morgan (Interview)
Tamara Morgan (Interview)
Tamara Morgan "Hero Love: Playing Favorites" (Guest Post)
Marina Myles "Interview with Lord Draven Winthrop" (Guest Post)

Laura Navarre "Desire, Duty and the Marriage Bed: When an Arranged Marriage Heats Up" (Guest Post)
Annie Nicholas (Interview)
Laura Lee Nutt (Interview)


Alison Packard (Interview)
C.L. Parks (Interview)
Hanna Peach "Wanted: Israel" (Guest Post)
Sky Purington (Interview)
Sky Purington "Meet Iosbail and Alexander from Highland Persuasion" (Guest Post)


Mary Ann Rivers (Interview w/ Kame)
Shelia Roberts "Meet Kyle Long" (Guest Post)
Linda Robertson (Interview)
Selena Robins (Interview w/ Kame)
Theresa Romain "A Book By Any Other Name" (Guest Post)
Ranae Rose (Character Interview w/ Kame)
Ranae Rose (Interview w/ Kame)
Ranae Rose (Interview #2 w/ Kame)
Nina Rowan "Top 5 holiday novels (romances or otherwise)" (Guest Post)
Nina Rowan (Interview)
Julie Rowe (Interview)
Carrie Ann Ryan "Werewolf Mates and Connections" (Guest Post)
Carrie Ann Ryan (Interview)
Carri Ann Ryan (Character Interview)
Rebecca Royce "The Making of a Hero: Creating a Man the Reader will Love" (Guest Post)

Jessica Scott (Character Interview)
Jessica Scott "Top 5 holiday novels (romances or otherwise)" (Guest Post) 
Jessica Scott "Top 5 things (Other) Military Romances Get Wrong" (Guest Post)
S.L. Scott (Interview with Kame)
Jill Shalvis (Interview)
Jaye Shields "Character Description: Sparrow Reed" (Guest Post)
Jaye Shields (Interview)
Lori Sjoberg "A Day in the Life of the Heroine: Sarah Griffith" (Guest Post)
Arianna Skye (Character Interview)
Kat Simons (Interview)
Debra Smith (Interview)
Christi Snow (Interview)
Tracy Solheim "The Not So Glamorous Life of an Author" (Guest Post)
Lillie Spencer (Interview)
Jean Hart Stewart (Interview)
Jillian Stone (Character Interview)
Miranda Stowe "Series Books" (Guest Post)
Jessica E. Subject "Writing Menages" (Guest Post)
Tracy Sumner (Interview)

Milly Talden (Interview)
Robbie Terman "Meet Chloe and Griffin (Some Like it Sinful)" (Guest Post)
Candis Terry (Interview)


Marquita Valentine "Reading an Excerpt at Lady Jane's" (Guest Post)
Wendy Vella (Interview)
Wendy Vella "Christmas Traditions" (Guest Post)
Wendy Vella "Meet My Latest Hero" (Guest Post)
Sedona Venez "Character Highlight for Torch Channing"

Julie Ann Walker (Interview)
Sue-Ellen Welfonder "Top 5 holiday novels (romances or otherwise)" (Guest Post)
Kate Willoughby (Character Interview)
Danica Winters "Montana Mustangs in God's Country" (Guest Post)



Rebecca Zanetti (Interview)
Rebecaa Zanetti "Top 5 Reasons Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Belong Together (Best of Both Worlds!)" (Guest Post)


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