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Guest Post: Robin Leigh Miller

I'd like to welcome back Robin Leigh Miller, who will be sharing with us a guest post today. Her topic revolves around writing erotica--how to balance out all the steamy sex with real emotion. I love it, and I hope that you will as well! Please, chime in afterwards; Robin will be around all day to answer questions, so let us turn this great post into a discussion on the subject!


Writing erotica can be a challenge at times, in my humble opinion. Keeping a balance between depicting flat out porn and keeping a true, meaningful relationship between the characters is important. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when all you’re after is some hot, sweaty, dirty sex between two people. I do write stories like that and I’ll admit they’re fun to write. But, when it comes to a real romance story creating a strong emotional bond between the characters is essential.

Nothing will blow a good story worse than tossing in a gratuitous sex scene out of the blue. Even if you’ve already established a strong romance between the characters having them do the deed without any reason except for the sake of sex soils the moment. Again, in my opinion.

I see a good sex scene as an opportunity to express those inner feelings people hold guarded for whatever reason. Say, for example, you have a character who is head over heels for another, but he/she can’t say the words or has a difficult time expressing their true emotions. You know the old saying actions speak louder than words. A good build up to their joining would be a few whispered compliments, a tender touch to the cheek and allowing them to see the true desire in their eyes.

How many times have we all said “I wish someone would look at me like that.” Those little things are important and say more than words. Then, you have the response. Shivers running down the spine, bones that turn to jelly or the inevitable heart palpitation. Action, reaction. You’ve taken the first step on the journey, a few sparks that will soon grow into a fiery blaze.

Now, it’s time to move forward. As the character explores his or her lover’s body you should be able to experience how it affects them. Feeling their warmth, tasting their flesh, inhaling their arousal should be more than a physical thing, but a near spiritual happening as well. The recipient’s light moans, pleads for more and writhing body combine to make the moment pure and special.

Even as the moment to climax builds, the reader should be able to experience through the characters thoughts how intense their emotions are for each other. Even if the words aren’t spoken. When the body shatters and the mind reels wildly out of control and they collapse in each other’s arms, you know these two souls are destined to be together.

No matter what kind of sex is being performed, easy, hard, quick or slow the reader should always be able to feel the thick emotional bond between the two characters. I want my readers to finish reading a sex scene and feel satisfied that what transpired wasn’t something to pass the time, but an essential part of a budding relationship. To me, this is what keeps a story grounded in the romance genre.

Please keep in mind these are standards I strive for and all authors are different. My opinion is mine alone and should not be placed on erotic work by others. Now, if you’re up for a good non-romance with a lot of sex for fun, I do that too.


I couldn't agree more, Robin! Thank you so much for sharing with us, and I hope that everyone will join in on this discussion.

Have you read a book--be it a romance or erotica--that left you wanting more? Perhaps there was plenty of sex, but it left you feeling, as Robin said, unfulfilled.

I know I have! Don't get me wrong--I enjoy a good dirty sex scene as much as the next girl. But even then, I'd like to feel that there is a connection between the couple--even if they are not yet head-over-heels in love, ready for a lifetime future together, there should be something more than just wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am! Because if that is all there is, then it feels like one (or both) of them are simply paying for sex, not caring about who is comes from or what sex really means.

But, this is just my personal opinion. It's probably due to my romantic heart why I want so much tangible romance even in my erotica novels! :D

What about you? What are your thoughts on this subject?

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