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[Review]: "Intimate Deceptions"

Intimate Deceptions by Lise Fuller
Publisher: Cerridwen Press (August 3, 2010)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Summary (
Trapped in a world of suspicion and lies, love was the only way out. Spurned by Brodie Crawford years ago, Elena Alvarez Ramirez thought she couldn't hate the man more. But long-repressed desires between them flare hotter than ever when the Special Forces Army Sergeant comes to her aid to help rescue her daughter Janie, a child who bears a striking resemblance, not to her ex-husband, but Brodie.

Brodie Crawford wanted only one woman in his life - Elena. But when he came home eight years ago and found her married to his best friend, her betrayal was more than he could stand. Now the bastard who took Elena from him has killed a man and fled across the border with the child. Compelled by an emotion he refuses to name, Brodie leaves to help Elena rescue her daughter and finds that they have fallen into an even bigger game of deceit and deception, one with lethal consequences. Embroiled in a world of danger and intrigue, Brodie prays they'll get out alive. Note: Intimate Deceptions is a sequel to On Danger's Edge, although it can be read as a stand-alone.

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My Review:

Action, adventure and intrigue combine together with a second chance at love to create a wild ride. Be warned, Intimate Deceptions is not a walk in the park, but rather a complex story that is sure to be a hit!

What would you do for the ones you loved? For your own child? Elena would do anything, anything to get her young daughter back safe and sound. When her ex-husband takes her over the boarder, she chases after, intent on catching him and bringing her daughter back alive—and him in handcuffs (she's a bounty hunter). But she never expected that Mannie would be in so deep; what should have been a fairly easy in-and-out mission turns into a long and dangerous one. Will she get her daughter out of there alive?

Brodie never planned on seeing Elena again, not after the heartbreak she dealt him 8 years ago. But when her daughter is taken, his heart melts a little, and he realizes that despite everything, including time and space, he still loves her. But does she love him---or is she still playing him like she did all those years ago? He'll find out while he helps her to track down her ex (and his former best friend) and daughter. But little does he know that Janie isn't Mannie's daughter...but rather his own. Deceptions run high in this book, and not all of them are from the hero and heroine...

While I didn't love this book quiet as much as Lise Fuller's previous one (On Danger's Edge), I did still enjoy it. Intimate Deceptions is full of suspense and fast-paced action. The journey is full of intrigue and deceptions, lies and cover ups. I'll be honest—there were more than a couple of times when my head was spinning a little from all the games and secrets the characters were hiding. I may have even gotten lost a time or two, though I quickly found my way back.

And while those are all good things, this story had so much going on that I think the romance was lost. Elena and Brodie already had a past relationship (years ago, never seen just mentioned many times in the book), so this is their time for a second chance. But they were both too head-strong and stubborn (and a bit stupid, if I'm to be honest) and wouldn't tell each other the truth, even after saying, again and again, how sorry they are for the lies in the past. I wanted to bang their heads together a time or two and tell them to get over it, work it out, and get it on already! :) And, eventually, they did, though it took well over ¾ of the book to do so. And even then, I know they had a ways to go in their relationship, trying to show the other that they can indeed trust in one another.

^Favorite “Spicy” Quote:

He shuddered and groaned. “God...Jesus, I'm rock-hard. I don't know what's wrong with me. It isn't like...”

He stopped midsentence but Elena knew what his thoughts were. She eyed him from where she lay underneath him. “It isn't the same with someone else, is it?”

The color of his eyes turned to a deep ocean blue. “No.” His panting grew soft and ragged. He brushed the hair from her face with his free hand. “It isn't the same at all. There's never been anything like this, Elena. Not for me.”

That meant more to her than he would ever know. She shook her head. “Me, either.”

^Favorite “Sweet” Quote:

“There was never anyone else. Not in my heart, anyways.” – Brodie

3.5 STARS! For a good suspense story, this is the one! But I was left wanting more love, more romance, heck, even more sex! :) Still, Intimate Deceptions was a good read, and one that I might read again when I have the chance. I know I'll still be on the lookout for more of Fuller's books because I did so love my first trip into her world (ODE), and I have high hopes for future books. If you love your romance with a lot of danger and and action, then be sure to check this one out, as well as Fuller's other works!

^Both quotes are taken from my e-copy. They belong solely to the author, they are not mine.

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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