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[NetGalley Review]: "Much Ado About Rogues"

Much Ado About Rogues by Kasey Michaels
Publisher: HQN Books (March 20, 2012)
Series: The Blackthorn Brothers, 3
Genre: Historical Romance

Summary (
Meet the Blackthorn Brothers—three unrepentant scoundrels infamous for being mad, bad and perilous to love.

Who is the darkly handsome Don John "Black Jack" Blackthorn? With his air of mystery and menace, the whispers about him hint of highwayman or government agent or even dark prince. But no one knows what it is Black Jack does…or how dangerous he can truly be. Now Jack's mentor has disappeared, and Jack must track him down before it's too late. His unlikely help: the man's daughter—the very woman Jack had once wooed and betrayed.

Lady Tess Fonteneau knows more about the fine art of clandestine activities—and about the mysterious Mr. Blackthorn—than he realizes. As their journey leads them on the adventure of a lifetime, their reunion is fraught with passion, high-stakes danger and the one twist of fate Jack never saw coming….

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Book 1: The Taming of the Rake

Book 2: A Midsummer Night's Sin

My Review:

Much Ado About Rogues tells the story of Jack Blackthorn and Lady Tess. Their story is one of secrets and lies, troubles from the past and hopes for the future. It's not a simple tale by any means!

When Jack left her four years ago, Tess was heart-broken. She thought what they had was love! But apparently he was only using her (or so it seemed). Now Jack shows up in her life again, and she finds that she still feels for him, still wants him around. But will he forgive her for the secret she's kept these four long years?

They must work together if they are to catch Tess's father, as well as the mysterious Gypsy. But after both are taken care of, where do the two of them go? Do they have a future together or will Tess raise little Jacques on her own?

There were things in this novel that I liked—and some that annoyed me. In the end, it was a slightly above average read for me, though I'm still interested enough to go back and read Beau and Puck's stories.

I liked many of the characters, they added a bit of life to the story. I even liked that Tess was another strong heroine (you can never have too many!), one that can hold her own as well as solve riddles and mysteries. Jack wasn't too bad of a hero, though I was often as confused as Tess, wondering who's side he was playing for and what his plan was.

That seemed to be a common occurrence while I was reading. I'd get a bit lost in the shuffle, not sure what was going on. It's like some of the details were either muddled or missing—or I just wasn't able to follow them.

The romance was okay, but a tad disappointing. With their past and the tension between them, I was looking forward to a hot read, but instead I got only lukewarm. In fact, during the few brief love scenes, I wasn't even sure they had, ahem, done anything. I'd reread it, still unsure—and disappointed—and the only proof that they had, indeed, done it was references later to spending the night together, offering each other comfort, etc. I was expecting so much more from Jack and Tess, but I never got it.

^Favorite “Sweet” Quote:

" the hell did I walk away from you? Every time I look at you. Every time I touch you. This time, Tess, you'll have to walk away from me. And even then I'd come after you, on my knees if you asked. Do you know how that frightens me? To need anyone so much? To know I'd have nothing if you were gone? To know I could still lose you?”

Oh, side note: I love the covers for all three of these books. And the titles-very creative! :) I also liked the premise behind the brother's stories (the mother naming them all after Shakespeare characters, etc). Despite my lukewarm reaction to this book, I will definitely be picking up the others!

3.5 STARS! Kasey Michael's newest historical is filled with intrigue and secrets, though, for me at least, it was often more confusing than entertaining. However, the story was still a pretty good one, and Jack's other brothers, Beau and Puck, grabbed my attention enough that I'll be looking for their stories. A quick read, and one that will be appealing to many romance fans!

^Quote belongs solely to the author of this book, not to me in anyway!

I received this e-book from NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.


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Sarah said...

This book sounds really good, I've never heard of this book or series before but Ill definately be checking it out, great review, new follower

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! :) I'm off to check out your blog as well.

I think you'll like it--however, I would suggest reading the series in order (I didn't, but I'm horrible like that and I wish I had). :)


Book Savvy Babe said...

i have this one to-read too... great review though. I haven't read the first few books in the series either, and i got worried that I would be lost.. So, you're review helps me out :)
Book Savvy Babe

Unknown said...

Nice review! I hope you get a chance to read the previous two, esp Puck's story as I think that one was the best of the bunch. The previous two are more light-hearted I thought but still with some nasty villains.
Thanks for stopping by!! :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Hi Heather! :)

I think you'll be fine reading them out of order. Never a good thing to do, of course (though I do it often...oops), BUT I wasn't too lost, they can be read as a stand-alone. I do hope you like it, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!


The_Book_Queen said...

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for stopping by!

I'll definitely be looking for Puck's story, he stood out the most for me in this one. :) And I'm all for a good light-hearted romance!