Saturday, March 31, 2012

What Did I Receive? [March Edition]

Rather than doing a weekly post of "What Did I Receive?", I am now going to do a monthly one. This will include any books I won, bought, or was sent to review.

Please note that any "FREE" e-books I bought may not be free now! I bought some of these books very early in the month, and as we know they change often! Some of them may still be free, some may not. Some may also be free on other e-book retailer websites, some may not. If you are interested in buying any of said "FREE" books, please check the current price on that website first!

Here's what I received during the month of March:

Received RAKs:
  • Bloodfever ~ Aanchal (Book Flame)
  • The Chief ~ Lethea B.
  • Into the Darkness ~ From Michelle (Michelle's Book Blog)
  • Dare to Surrender ~ Michelle
  • Strange Attractions ~ Michelle
  • The Doctor and the Diva ~ Michelle
  • Selfish is the Heart ~ Michelle
  • No Greater Pleasure ~ Michelle
  • A Cold Creek Secret ~  Michelle
  • The Best Laid Plan ~ Michelle
  • Smokin' Six-Shooter ~ Michelle
  • Dakota Child ~ Michelle
  • The Billionaire's Unexpected Heir ~ Michelle
  • His Country Girl ~ Michelle
  • Backstage Pass ~ Heather (Book Savvy Babe)
  • The Darkest Secret ~ Amber (AwesomeSauce Book Club)
See my RAK Wrap Up: March post for more details on the above books!

  • Delirium (B-Day gift from my friend)


  • $30 BN Gift Card (Won from Guilty Pleasures--Thanks again, I've used most of this, both for sending RAKs and getting a little something for myself!)

  • Dyad Dreams (Free NOOK book)
  • All In (Free NOOK book)
  • Divorced, Desperate and Delicious (Free NOOK book)
  • Pleasure and Purpose (Bargain Book + Coupon from BN: Total, $3.80)
  • Be My Vampire Tonight (Free NOOK Book)
  • Flaunt It (Free NOOK Book)
  • Bound, Branded and Brazen (Bargain Book from BN: Total, $4.48)
  • All Hallows Heartbreaker (Free NOOK Book)
  • Hook, Wine and Tinker (Free NOOK Book)
  • The Heart's Haven (Free Kindle Book---wish Kindle books were NOOK compatable, I'll have to read this one on my computer...stupid Amazon!)
  • Never Been Bit (NOOK Book--Sale, $1.99, 2.11 w/ tax)
  • Red's Hot Cowboy (NOOK Book--Sale, $1.99, 2.11 w/ tax)
  • No Proper Lady (NOOK Book--Sale, $1.99, 2.11 w/ tax)
  • Eagle's Run (Free NOOK Book)
  • Talons (Free NOOK Book)

For Review:


As you can see, I went a bit crazy this month on buying, even though, true, 90 percent of my books were freebies from BN.

Still, with a TBR mountain like mine (last I "updated" it, which was a few months ago, it was above 300!), buying this many books is a bit crazy. Okay, I'll admit--I'm crazy and proud of it! LOL.

I'd like to thank everyone who sent me books--whether they were RAKs, gifts, books to be review, or books I won from various giveaways. THANK YOU!

Although I tried to keep track, I think I also forgot a few. :) I've received a few e-books to review for various blog tours that I will be participating in, and for whatever reason I didn't write them down for this list. Maybe because I knew the tours weren't for a month or more? *Shrugs*

I'll do better next month! :)

What did you receive this month? Tell me, I'd like to know (or link up to your own post in the comment section)!


Until Next Time,
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Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Wow! What a GREAT month!! Awesomeness!!

Thanks for joining Random Acts of Kindness :)

Book ♥ Soulmates

The_Book_Queen said...

:) Ah, March was pretty good to be, I'll admit! I'm totally greatful for it, too. :D

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