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Blogger Interview: Meet Kayla from Reading On the Wild Side!

It's Paranormal Week here at TBQ's Book Palace as part of my 4 year blogoversary celebration! 

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It's not just about the authors, but the readers and bloggers who love this genre as well! Today, I'm interviewing fellow blogger, Kayla, who's favorite genre is paranormal. I hope you enjoy!

Blogger Interview

The_Book_Queen: Hi Kayla! :) Welcome to the blog, and thanks for joining my blogoversary celebration!
Kayla: Thank so much for having me here Danielle! Congrats on your Four Year Blogoversary, that is a major accomplishment!

TBQ: Thanks! :)
Vampires, shifters, and demons—oh my! Paranormal romances have a little bit of everything.  What book/author/series started your love for paranormals?
Kayla: The book that started my love for Paranormals was Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione. It was amazing, the world that Ione built was so original and the sex between Eidolon and Tayla was so HOT!

TBQ: :) I LOVE Ione's books, I can still remember when I read book 1 and 2.. *sigh* Oh, I think it's time for me to do a reread!
Why paranormals? What is it about this genre that you love so much?
Kayla: I love that you can read about something that doesn’t really exist, there is just something about Paranormal creatures that intrigue me. They have since I was a little girl watching Queen of the Damned LOL!

TBQ: *Nods* Yep, we all need something to escape reality, and PNR works great!
Are there any books that you think a potential paranormal romance fan HAS to read in order to truly appreciate the genre? Why?
Kayla: I would definitely read these four books Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian, Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, and Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione. Those four are the the first books in their series and they all ROCKED my world!

TBQ: I second every one of your answers--great books, great series, great authors! Really, you can't go wrong with them! :)
If your friend told you she didn't like paranormal romances, what book would you recommend to her to change her mind?
Kayla: I would recommend ANY of Larissa Ione’s books… I am a big fan of hers lol, can you tell?

TBQ: If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 books would you take with you? Do you grab these books because of the stories, the covers, the hunky heroes...? All of the above? :)
Kayla: Hmm… I would bring Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne, Captured by Julia Rachel Barrett, Stud by Cheryl Brooks, Covet by Felicity Heaton, and Sin Undone by Larissa Ione because of the stories AND BECAUSE OF THE SIZZLING COVERS!

TBQ: Great choices--I've only read one of the books, but the others, yeah they're going on my list! :)
You are Owner of the blog “Reading on the Wild Side”--can you tell us a little bit about the blog, what you do, and why you started reviewing?
Kayla: Hmm… I started reviewing because I accidentally stumbled upon blogging. I was looking for a certain book one day and came across Urban Girl Reader’s blog and fell in love with it. I LOVED to read but had never heard of “book blogging” so I kept looking at other blog’s and finally got up the courage to make mine. I really wanted to keep track of the books that I read and talk to other people about books.When I first started blogging my blog was called Simply Kayla’s Book Reviews and it was strictly a Romance blog, and then I discovered the Young Adult genre and fell in love with it too. I decided to turn Simply Kayla’s Book Reviews into a Young Adult Blog and so I re-named it “Bengal Reads” and had it re-designed. Well, after about 2 months I really missed my Romance blog so I decided to create Reading On The Wild side which if you’ll notice is the slogan for “Bengal Reads” I did that because I thought of “Reading On The Wild Side” as sort of my spin-off blog to Bengal Reads. That’s when I started trying to find a partner for “Reading On The Wild Side” and found the amazing Arianne who also has her own blog.

TBQ: Have your reading habits changed any since you started to review?

Kayla: Yes, I don’t write book reports anymore HAHA, I write what I felt about the book and make my reviews fun and not too long.

TBQ: I'm always on the lookout for great paranormal romances (ignore the towering TBR mountain in the corner...*ahem*). What books are you looking forward to reading (new, old, or not yet released)?
Kayla: I am looking forward to reading Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard, Try Me by Diane Alberts, Masquerade by Felicity Heaton, and Retribution by Dana Delamar. [Great--adding them to my list as we speak! :)]

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Kayla! :) Do you have any questions for our readers—something that will spark a good discussion?

Who all recommends me to read 50 Shades of Grey?? Why or why not?
- Thanks again for having me Danielle, I LOVE The Book Queen’s Palace and feel so lucky to be able to visit and chat with everyone!

Where to Find Kayla
YA Blog ~ Bengal Reads
Facebook ~ RotWS
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JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

I adore Kayla she is a sweetheart. Love her blog Reading on the Wildside. Great interview. Have a nice week. All series she has mentioned are great.

Arianne said...

yey Kayla! Great interview!!! Those recommendations look hot :D
For some reason, as much as I love romance, I don't seem to add enough of them in my wish list =/ maybe because I usually like most romance - only reason I won't is the writing itself - errors and what not.

Adria's Musings said...

Great interview! I've read all the books mentioned by the way and I have to agree 100% on what Kayla said.


The_Book_Queen said...

:) Isn't she? And she has great taste in books--really, what more could you ask for in a book-buddy? ;)


The_Book_Queen said...

Oh believe me, if you haven't read these books, put them on your list NOW! :)


The_Book_Queen said...

Yeah! :) See, great minds think alike... And we all have excellent taste, if I do say so myself. ;) LOL


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for Interviewing me Danielle! I was at Freshman College Orientation so I couldn't stop by and thank you. I really love your blog and I hope that you are having a great 4 year blog anneversary!

Anonymous said...

@Wickedly Delicious: Thank you so much :D I love Wickedly Delicious also, it always makes my day better.. with the hunks EVERYWHERE ;p lol!

@Arianne: You should definitely add these to your TBR you would love them!

@Adria: I agree with Danielle! Great minds think alike! YAY, it is great to find someone who LOVED Paranormal Romance :)

@Danielle: I think we all have excellent taste too :D