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Guest Blogger/Author: Fiona Druce

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It's not just about the authors, but the readers and bloggers who love this genre as well! Today, Fiona Druce is on the blog to share a guest post about Urban Fantasy. Enjoy!

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"UF Rocks!"

Dragons. Angels. Faeries. Glimpses of elven ears and mystical mischief.

Times Square. Big Ben. The Golden Gate Bridge and Van Ness Avenue.

Tales of fantasy are no longer restricted to the mysteries of a dark wood off a dusty trail. They’ve become city slickers.
Urban Fantasy is the new kid on the block of the Hip and Fabulous. Now-a-days it’s common to read about the whispery beat of an angel’s wing right by the Empire State Building, as people drive to work. Other books have Dragons running Fortune 500 companies. Faeries are lawyers, cops, and detectives. Vampires often grace the pages of recent romance novels in the role of Senators, TV anchors, and brothers-in-law.

Oh, and they like humans, too. Like. Really like them.

This immediate relationship between the fantastical and the real has made these books an absolute top commodity in today’s publishing market. Stories about going to work Friday morning and waking up Saturday in bed with a man who turns into a werewolf on command bring fantasy to real life. You can actually see yourself in the start of the story and it pulls you along on an adventure only your dreams have ever taken you before.

UF is any book written about fanciful creatures or time travel (from the past) in a modern day setting. It’s the beautiful hybrid between Contemporary and Fantasy and it’s a blend that has captured the eye (and heart) of many readers.

While we can’t forget the beauty of being whisked away to times before or to worlds never seen, there’s something special to be said about finding adventure- literally- in your own backyard. It comes to you; you don’t have to find it. You become a character that is differentiated from your peers, while still among your peers.

 UF is one of my absolute all-time favorite genres and, as such, I could never list all my favorites. However, if you’re interested in a little May to December relationship with a man who is a millennium older than you are (he’s in incredible shape for a man that age… or our age…) this might be a place you should take a peek.

Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter Series and Psy/Changeling series are a unique take on the UF genre, making fantasy more of a science fiction. Here, you can find beautiful but terrifying angels, gorgeous but vicious vampires, and breathtaking but powerful shifters.

Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series is a darker take on the fantastical realm, leaning a little bit more on our traditional understandings but with a smooth modern edge. Meet a world of Fae who will take your heart and steal your soul at the same time. Dark hearted men, strong hearted women, and hard-hearted villains, these books are for those with a taste for the more shadowy world.

Janet Chapman lightens it up with her Highland Series and its associated offshoots, bringing the much beloved Highland heat through time to wreak havoc on the hearts (and panties) of women who are just like you.

If you’re looking for a lighter touch that will make you giggle as much as it makes you sizzle, check out Katie MacAlister and her H-A-W-T dragon series, starting with Aisling Grey.

HP Mallory offers a variety for you with curious witches, sexy warlocks, mysterious vampires, sexy Fae, and more.

Patricia Briggs eases up on the sizzle-factor but her action-filled and thrilling plot lines will keep you riveted.

And these are just a start. Barely a start.

The Urban Fantasy genre offers a bit for anyone and everyone. If you can imagine it, there’s a book for it, written to involve you in your everyday life.

These books will have you turning around corners and wondering if the hot guy in Accounting is as “wolfish” as he seems. Maybe he’d be the perfect match for your Little Red Robin Hood this weekend?

No matter what your dreams, there’s something out there to set off just the spark you need. It’s Urban Fantasy and it’s next door.

 ~Fiona Druce

About Fiona:
I’m Fiona Druce and I write romantic fiction. I know, isn’t it adorable? I don’t just write romantic fiction: I write humorous romantic fiction. The kind that I’ll let my kids read when they’re ready. In say, ooo, forty years. I might say thirty-five, if they’re extra, extra good.

I love to write but I actually love to read more. I got started writing because, well, I liked it. I got into the idea of actually publishing said work when I realized I couldn’t afford to feed my reading addiction. So here I am!

I truly hope that you enjoy my characters as much as I do. They were a blast to get to know and I’m so glad to share them with you.

Where to Find Fiona:

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Thanks for stopping by, Fiona! I loved your post---and though I've not read most of the books, they are all on my list to read as soon as I can! :)

Oh, and before I forget, Fiona has a question for you, dear readers.

What do you see in your dreams? Anything you’d want to see in a book?


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April Alvey said...

You See I Am Waiting on a book that has a sweet girl growing up in a small town always picked on by her family and the kids at school only having one friend and her pet cat dreaming of her prince charming coming to take her away from it all and just as she hits 18th birthday her dreams come true but he takes her to his time where she has to fight for her honor and love so she can stay with him. I haven't seen any books like that.