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Guest Post: Carol Cassada

It's Contemporary week here at TBQ's Book Palace as part of my 4 year blogoversary celebration! I'm all for show-casing new authors, and, for me at least, Carol is a new author. I'll be putting her books on my list though, and I hope you do, too! Enjoy! 

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I'm just a young woman from the small town of Ringgold, VA who's living her dream of being a writer.

In December 2008 I started my first book Going Home Again, which was released February 24, 2010 by Romance Divine. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt, to have my work published was a dream come true.

Now my second book Westmore, the first in a line of volumes is about to be released. This time I went the self publishing route with Createspace. I'm currently working on Volume 2 of Westmore and hope to have it out by the end of the year.

Aside from my love of reading and writing, I enjoy spending time with my supportive parents, my two brother who love to tease me, and my three dogs and two cats.

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Today I’ll be talking about my book Westmore, it’s the first volume in the series, and it’s what I describe as a literary version of a soap opera. With all daytime serials, you have mostly romance drama. There are different types of romance storylines, there’s the love triangles, the couple who wants to be together, but are forbidden, and the couples you just want to break up because you can’t stomach them being together.
In Westmore, a majority of the characters experience relationship drama and I’ll be discussing a few of them.
We’ll start with Charlotte one of the lead characters, she married her college sweetheart Michael, when she was just twenty. They gave up their dreams of being a musician and actress to settle down in Westmore and raise their four children. They lived happily for twenty-five years, until a car accident ended Michael’s life. She was torn up over his death, and she vowed never to date again, in fact she thought she could never find anyone as special as Michael. Then one night she becomes a victim in a mugging and Detective Jim Bryant comes to her rescue. Afterwards a friendship develops, but Charlotte’s feelings for him turn romantic and she begins to rethink her decision to enter the dating scene.
Daughter Alicia on the other hand, has always been a pessimist when it comes to love. She’s had her fair share of boyfriends and was the perfect girlfriend, yet she couldn’t say the same about the men in her life. After her last break-up, in which her ex cheated on her, she swore off dating. Her motto is “All they do is break your heart.” Yet, one night when she’s performing with her band, she attracts a new admirer in Jacob Reynolds. Even though Jacob tries to pursue a relationship with her, Alicia’s hesitant due to her insecurities. But soon Jacob wins her over with his charm and slowly she regains her trust in men.
While, Charlotte and Alicia are experiencing happiness, Elizabeth Braxton isn’t so lucky. She’s been married to Andrew for nearly twenty-five years. They’ve had a very turbulent marriage; Andrew’s a control freak, while Elizabeth’s an independent woman. Even though there are problems in the relationship, Elizabeth loves her husband and holds out hope they can save their marriage. However, she begins to realize her fairy tale life isn’t meant to be and begins contemplating divorce, especially when she learns how Andrew’s latest evil deed affects their son.
Laura Reynolds is a newly single mother, who returns to Westmore with her daughter. Laura’s husband Elliot is a doctor, and they moved to Connecticut when he got a better job offer. However, cracks soon developed in the marriage and Laura felt neglected due to her husband’s work schedule. She was unhappy with the way things turned out and she developed a friendship with her neighbor Rick, which soon turned into an affair. They carried on their affair for months until the secret was finally revealed and everyone in town shunned her due to her infidelity. Laura couldn’t deal with the humiliation and returned home to be with her family. Just as she settles into her new life, her ex shows up and her world is thrown for a loop.
Will these ladies find love? Or will they experience heartache? All I can say is stay tuned because there’s lots more to come.

~Carol Cassada
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Westmore by Carol Cassada
Publisher: CreateSpace (April 11, 2011)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Set in a fictional New England town, follow the lives of three families; The Greens, the Braxtons, and the Reynolds. The Greens: * Widowed matriarch Charlotte never thought she could find love again after the death of her husband Michael, until handsome Detective Bryant comes to her rescue. * Youngest son Peter returns home from college with his new girlfriend, who's ten years older than him, and is a problem for Mama Charlotte. * Scott and Alicia are singing siblings who are on their way to the top, until tragedy strikes one night. The Braxtons: * Andrew Braxton is a ruthless and powerful businessman who runs his household the same way he runs his company, with an iron fist. Upon learning his son Wayne plans on abandoning the family company, he'll do everything in his heart to stop him from leaving. The Reynolds: * After the divorce Laura Reynolds and her daughter Megan move back home with her father, where she plans to start life anew, but little does she know that it's not easy to escape your past.

Where to Buy*:
Amazon | Kindle

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Thanks so much for stopping by, Carol; I enjoyed reading your guest post, and I hope the readers do as well! :)

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June M. said...

I have read many indie books in the last year or so and have found many authors that I love. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite authors is an independent author of contemporary romances with BDSM elements (Kallypso Masters).

Natasha Storm said...

That sounds fabulous! Great guest post. :-)