Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lusting for Covers (79)

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Here's my candidate for the week:

Illicit by Opal Carew
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (February 19, 2013)
Genre: Erotica Romance

When Lindsay receives an invitation in the mail to live out her most illicit fantasies, she thinks it’s her best friend playing a joke. Little does Lindsay know, the invitation is from someone else. Someone who knows of her deepest desires…and intends to fulfill them.

Erik was the one who sent Lindsay the invitation—and the one who orchestrates a steamy weekend getaway to explore her most decadent desires. From their first night together, there is an inexplicably deep connection between them, and with Lindsay in his arms, he feels both thrilled and unnerved. The truth is, he’s hiding a deep hurt, and as Lindsay brings his fantasies to life, he’s unwilling to let her go. But can he tell her how he knows her deepest fantasies, and will stay with him if she learns the truth?

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I'll admit, a few of Opal's other novels (for instance, Insatiable) have covers that I like more. BUT I still love this cover.

Sexy couple? Check! Tastefully done? Check!

I do wish the colors were a bit different--I think the two toned on this kind of detracts from what could otherwise be a very beautifully done post there.

I haven't read any of Opal's novels, but I have most of them on my list, and now this one is, too! :)

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JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Urgh thought I posted my comment. Great pick this week. This sounds good. Darn, it does not come out til Feb. 2013. I am curious as to how he found out about her deepest fantasies. Hope you are enjoying your sunday.

I agree I do not like the two tone color. It does take away the sexiness of the couple.

My L4C

Unknown said...

Like the cover of this one!! I have only read 1 book of hers and it was a while ago--this one sounds so good!! I will have to add to my exploding TBR pile. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a great week and a great holiday!!!

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C.S. Maxwell said...

I haven't heard of this one--and I do like Carew's steamy erotica romance. My fave of hers is Bliss...
GREAT choice this week--sorry I am so late getting to this.
Have a great week.
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