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Become a Guest Reviewer!

You love to read, now is your chance to share that love with others!
I'm looking for readers who would like to contribute a few guest reviews to TBQ's Book Palace. If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, please read on! :)
All You Need to Know: 

First off, I'd like to make one thing clear--I will not be providing you with review copies. I do not receive review copies much myself right now. If you agree to take a Guest Reviewer position, you will be reviewing books you own or receive for review from somewhere else (NetGalley, for example).

I am not looking for full time co-bloggers, but rather guest reviewers for a few posts a week. Perhaps this will change in the future.

I am looking for reviews on both new and old books.

You can submit a one-time review, or we can discuss the possibilities of contributing reviews on a regular basis.

Genres I'm Accepting:
  • Fantasy/Urban Fantasy (with a heavy romance element to them)
  • Romance (Historical, Paranormal, Contemporary, Erotica)
  • YA (Upper YA only)
  • NA

I do not post reviews for:
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Non-fiction
  • Christian Fiction

As such, I will not be posting guest reviews for these genres either. I'm sorry, but I wish to stick true to the genres I love and originally choose to showcase on my blog. M/M romances are also one of the genres I don't review at this time.

You may review as many books as you want, as often as you want. I ask that you email me first with the book you have picked (to prevent any double reviews, for one thing). As the blog owner, I do have the right to say "No, I will not post this review". But know that this probably will not happen, so don't be worried!

Once I agree to the book, I will check the calendar and find the perfect date to post it. [Note: If you are reviewing an ARC, the post date will automatically be 2 weeks before the publication date.] You must have your review edited, finalized and emailed to me 2 DAYS before that date.

Review Requirements:
  • Do not copy another reviewer's work and turn it in as your own.
  • Do not insult an author, no matter how much you did not like the book.
  • Be honest; tell us what you think about the book. Yes, even if you had problems with the book. It is possible to tell us what was wrong with it without being mean to the author. :)
  • Edit your review! I'm not asking for professional quality editing; I'm not an editor, and I do not expect a perfect review from you, either. However, I do expect basic editing--go over it a few times for typos, mistakes, incomplete sentences/thoughts, etc. Don't forget to check your spelling (not just SpellCheck, which often wants you to change names and words that may be correct in many fantasy type books). I will do a quick look over before posting, but I will not take the time to edit every bit of it.
  • No huge spoilers! Tell us a little about the story, why we'll like it, but don't tell us the entire plot. Let us read the book to find that out!
  • Aim for at least 100 words. 300-500 is better, but I understand that it just depends on the review. Use however many words it takes to tell us your thoughts, trying to be as clear as possible. We're all friends here--talk to us like we're having a book chat at the coffee shop!
  • Have fun, enjoy the books and talking about them with us!
  • Please note: If you agree to send me a certain review to be posted on TBQ's Book Palace, I ask only one thing in return--do not then have that same review posted on another blog. Your personal GoodReads account is okay, though I would prefer that you not post the review there until AFTER it posts here, or that you state somewhere on your GR review that it has been published on TBQ's Book Palace (providing a link). If you wish to post a specific review somewhere else, that is fine--just do not send that review to me. For example, let us say that you wish to review a book that does not fit in the genres I post. You are more than welcome to find another blog that does post those genres and review it there, no problem. Or if you have already set up something with another blog for a particular review or event, that's fine, too. But again, please have the courtesy to only send me reviews that are original, and have not been posted by you on multiple blogs already.
Also, if you wish to send a brief "about me" paragraph and picture/avatar, I will post this at the bottom of your review. This is entirely up to you though. Even if you do not choose to do this, I will be giving you credit for the review; just tell me how you wish to be known (first name, username, etc).
If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please email me! I'd be more than happy to help you out! [email: The_Book_Queen(at)yahoo(dot)com]
I hope to hear from you soon!
Danielle (TBQ)


Until Next Time,


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