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Promo Spot--"California Sunset" by Casey Dawes!



Casey Dawes had her life planned out in detail at the age of 17.  By the time she was 22, her plans had been turned upside down.

She’d dreamed of the theater, much to her parents’ horror. After realizing she wasn’t an ingĂ©nue, and would have to wait decades before her face grew old enough to be a character actor, she scaled down her dreams to being a teacher and running a school drama program.

Unfortunately, there was a glut of teachers when she graduated. She did what any sensible young woman did—got married. By the time the marriage fell apart, she’d moved from her home state of New Jersey to E. Glacier Park, Montana (population 359). She was finally teaching school and doing theater in the summer.

Her life took another left turn when she followed a man to New York City (population somewhat more than 359!). She got caught up in the budding technology business and stayed there for the next 25 years.

All this time she was writing, sometimes technical writing, sometimes poetry, and the occasional short story. But she got serious about writing novels again when a friend invited her to a writer’s critique group in Santa Cruz in 2009. An unrepentant romantic, Casey began a romance novel that has been published in 2012 as California Sunset. She’s finishing up the next in the series and already has plans for the third.

Currently she lives on the banks of the Clark Fork River in Missoula Montana with her husband, two cats and plenty of wildlife to keep her entertained.

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California Sunset by Casey Dawes
Publisher: Crimson Romance (August, 6, 2012)
Series: California Romance, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Divorced mother Annie Gerhard spotted rugged new bookstore owner John Johnson at the worst possible time in her life. Her high tech company is threatening to lay her off if she doesn’t move from California to New Jersey and her 15-year-old son David is causing trouble. The recession has hit Silicon Valley hard and there are no jobs for a middle manager, no matter how good she is at her job, even if she hates it. This is no time for romance, no matter how good the man looks in his jeans.

John has escaped Montana memories of a deceased wife and betraying girlfriend by buying an independent bookstore in California. He’s got bigger problems than falling for a spunky woman with control issues.  Keeping a bookstore afloat in a recession and finding a home where he can stable his horse are all he can handle right now.


California Sunset is the story of how Annie works out her problems and rediscovers something important in her life—music.  Of course, there’s a little romance going on, too!


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California Sunset by Casey Dawes

Annie browsed stacks of books on the current fiction table, migrating to the piles of romance novels. Covers showing multi-muscled men made her sigh. Fantasy had been her escape from real life since she was a kid—especially when reality was the pits. Fictional heroes weren’t the trouble that real men were, either. One book cover showed a rugged Stetson-topped cowboy posed in front of prairie grasslands; in the distance, snow-capped mountains towered. She stared at the cowboy, imagining herself carried off by horseback to a remote cabin in the Rockies, her worries forgotten. Perfect. She picked it up and walked toward the register.

And stopped short.

There he was. Long and lanky, with broad shoulders and slim hips. Thick dark brown hair brushed the top of his collar. All he needed was the Stetson. Rippling muscles strained against his pale blue shirt as he carried an enormous stack of books to the front of the store. I haven’t seen him before. He must be new. I would have noticed. Her eyes drifted down to the curve of his butt cradled by tight blue jeans. Definitely would have noticed.

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It sounds like it a good book-- I'm always up for bookshop owners as characters. I'll admit usually it's the heroine who owns the store, but I'm not picky! 
My question for you:
Have you read other romances where the hero is the bookstore owner? If so, please share! If not, would you read California Sunset?


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Casey Dawes said...

Thanks for hosting me! I hope you get a chance to enjoy California Sunset.

Danica Winters said...

I can't say that I've read a novel where the man is the bookstore owner, but many stories with the 'cute meet' in the bookstore :) I loved California Sunset!! Can't wait to get my hands on the next in the series :)

Pam B. Morris said...

I loved California Sunset and the flavor of wine, food and great characters stayed with me. I highly recommend this, the writing is lovely. And so is Casey!

Anonymous said...

I am here, don't be lonely. California Sunset is such a great read. Can't say enough good things about it.

Casey Dawes said...

Thanks for the kind words, Pam and Danica!

Clare Tallier said...

Great book, Casey. The characters grabbed me from the start.

The_Book_Queen said...

Wow--looks like you already have a lot of fans, Casey! :D Thanks for stopping by everyone, and based on your enthusiasm for the book, I'll have to bump it up my list!


Casey Dawes said...

Thanks again for hosting me! I hope you enjoy California Sunset...

And thanks everyone else for your kind comments.

Cathryn Cade said...


Your book's blurb and excerpt are intriguing--it's going on my TBR pile! Sounds like you know the 'fish out of water' character first-hand, having made some huge moves yourself.

Josh Lanyon also has a hero who owns a bookstore in a California town, the Adrien English series. Since Josh is one of my 'go to' authors, I've read them all.

I really enjoy stories set around bookstores ... no surprise, I guess.