Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Ink Readers

Hello Ink Readers,

I'm so sorry for the delay--I meant to have this post up the first day of October, but..well, things just didn't work out that way. I spent most of Oct 1 in the ER with my grandfather, and the next day worrying about him (as they had transferred him to a bigger hospital 60 miles from where I live). I'm still awaiting more news on him, so forgive me if I'm not around much for the next week or so.

Starting this month, I thought we'd try something new with Ink Readers--a theme, where you will write your letter(s) to a fellow Ink Reader while answering the month's question. You may, of course, still write whatever else you wish, but this just gets the ball started, sorta speak. :)

So, on to October's "discussion" question!

Hot Chocolate, a favorite
re-read and a comfy spot--I'm set! :)

"Fall is here--cool days, cold nights, leaves
changing...Seems like the perfect excuse to
curl up with a good book, right? Instead of
your favorite comfort foods, tell your fellow
Ink Readers what you favorite comfort read
is and why. If you had no obligations
tomorrow, and could simply sit in your
favorite spot with a book, a mug of some
delicious drink, and a nice fire to keep you
warm, what book would you choose?"

Grab a partner and start your
 October letters!

I'm still planning next month's theme/question, so if you have any ideas, please share them in the comments below OR email me!

Here are all the links you will need:


Until Next Time,


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