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Blog Tour: Guest Post w Abbey MacInnis + Giveaway!


Abbey MacInnis is a published author of Contemporary Western romance. Along with Contemporary, she writes Historical, Paranormal and erotic romance. Whether she’s being swept off her feet by a Medieval knight, regency rake, or cowboy or cop, her heroes are always strong men who’ll love their women unconditionally.
On most days, Abbey can be found at her computer, penning her latest tale. A tale where love, respect, and passion combine to create a satisfying and happy ending. She invites you to step in to the pages of her romances, to leave your worries behind and get swept up in her world.
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Writing a Holiday Themed Romance

Thanks TBQ's Book Palace for having me here today! I’m so happy to be here!

I love the holiday season. There’s something about this time of year that always makes me smile. Whether it’s spending time with my family, seeing how happy everyone is after receiving their presents. Singing Christmas carols, eating, of course. That’s an event in my family in itself. Alternatively, planning for the holidays, which for me means singing holiday music in September, searching for the best bargains for those perfect gifts for my family members, and doing all the baking that comes with this time of year. I can’t help get in to the spirit.

With my latest book, Holiday Jinx, I wanted to combine some of my favorite components of the holidays. Mainly, romance, happiness, a little magic, and love. You’ll have to see how that last comes about. *g*

Force together two CEOs with two different personalities and past experiences, two competing toy companies with extremely different ideas of how to run them, a nosy elf who can’t seem to stop causing mischief, a blizzard, and cozy cabin complete with fireplace. Throw in a snowball fight, an occasional appearance from a Santa Clause most children would run from. Family drama, and of course, mistletoe, and you have, in my opinion, the perfect holiday story.

Under all the holiday cheer though, are two wounded yet strong characters. I loved exploring Chris and Natalie’s pasts. Chris can be very dark and cynical. You might call him a Scrooge, but once you understand him, it’s not tough to see why he is the way he is. I had so much fun bringing he and Natalie together because they’re so different, but yet they have so much in common. I loved seeing them each change throughout the story. I didn’t’ think combining the romantic tropes of forced proximity with magic and an alpha male would be so fun yet so challenging to write.

In my personal life, family has been, and will always be important to me. My heroine, Natalie feels the same. She has much to overcome during the course of this story where family’s concerned. She has to learn a hard lesson along the way. Keeping her emotional arc developing realistically wasn’t too difficult for me because in real life, you can’t always immediately forgive a wrong committed against you. Though this is a holiday story, it isn’t too dark, but I had to keep it real.

Some of the scenes I had the most fun writing were with Jinx. Jinx was the catalyst for this whole book. I had to be very careful not to have her overshadow the evolving relationship between Chris and Natalie. How might you feel if you knew an elf was attempting to manipulate your interactions and feelings for another? I felt sorry for Jinx. I found myself rooting for her as well as my hero and heroine. Moreover, as for Old Saint Nick and his less than jovial self, you wouldn’t be so happy if an elf almost put you out of business. *g* I loved the freedom that fantasy played in this book as well. Santa and Jinx magic and worlds were a lot of fun to play with and manipulate.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did writing it. I hope it makes you smile and maybe laugh alittle at Jinx’s antics. And I hope it might bring you some holiday cheer too.

Thanks again to everyone here at the Book Palace for hosting me. I’d love to hear from you.

~Abbey MacInnis

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Holiday Jinx by Abbey MacInnis
Publisher: Abbey MacInnis (November 23, 2012)
Genre: Contemporary Romance [with a little paranormal twist]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…unless you’re single and lonely.

Jinx—one of Santa’s elves—is in trouble with the Big Guy. She’s been charged with bringing holiday happiness to Christopher Ragan, CEO of Wondrous Toys. It’s a big job especially when he’s more attached to the bottom of a bottle than helping his fellow man.
She’s got enough trouble without spilling the secrets of the North Pole, but then along comes Natalie Burnes, a newbie CEO of Enchanted Toys and in trouble of a hostile takeover from Christopher’s company. The woman literally crashes Christopher’s vacation plans in a tucked away Michigan cabin---and the sparks start flying.
As if Jinx’s job of matchmaking the toy makers isn’t hard enough, she’s got to stay one step ahead of the North Pole patrol and keep out of sight of the humans. No way is she gonna screw up and lose her magic again. If the humans can’t find happiness and love by Christmas, Jinx forfeits her chance of seeing her true love too. What’s an elf to do?


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Thanks so much for stopping by, Abbey! :) I can't wait to read Holiday Jinx, it sounds like a wonderful holiday romance!


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Thanks for hosting Abbey today! :)

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Thank you for having me here today! :) I'm so glad to be kicking off my tour here! :)

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:) Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful time, not just here today but for your entire tour!
Off to promote this stop. :)

Jane said...

Hi Abbey, gosh these sound like great characters with lots of depth andconflict which of course always makes it a great story. And for me reading about a winter Christmas is always a treat as i live downunder and at the moment its hot, hot, hot. ]

Best wishes


elaing8 said...

This sounds really good. Adding it to my TBR list.

Lee Christine said...

Hi Abbey, congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful holiday read. Happy holidays. Lee Christine

Lesley said...

Nothing says 'Happy Holiday' like a good book and yours sounds terrific. Lesley

Kathy Doolittle Fuierer said...

Hi Abbey! Holiday Jinx sounds like a wonderful read!!! I hope you have a great holiday!! kathyfuierer(at)yahoo(dot)com

abbey_macinnis said...

Hi Kathy,
Thank you for commenting. ;) I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well. :)
Hi to Lee, Jane and Lesley. :)
And hello ELlen, thank you for adding Holiday Jinx to your shelf. :)
And thanks to all of you for commenting. :) It's been a fun time here today. Hope to see you all as I continue my tour. :)

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I don't know of anything better than a good read! So happy to hear about this!

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Hi Sandi,
Thanks for commenting. :)

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sounds fantastic! Congrats to Abby on the new release! Thanks for sharing!


Anna@herding cats said...

Oh I love it! Holiday stories are some of my favorites too. I love when the hero/heroine come together because of a clash like these two. Sounds very promising :) Thanks for sharing!

Oooo and LOVE the cover!

acade29 @ gmail .com

abbey_macinnis said...

Hi Anna,
I loved writing Holiday Jinx. The tension between Chris and Natalie really was fun to play with. And glad you love the cover! I do too. :) Thanks for commenting. :)

Hi Erin, thanks for stopping by. :) It's my pleasure to share. :) It is the holidays after all. :)

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Did todays part of the tour! I love this! Thanks Abbey!

Kathy Doolittle Fuierer said...

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This sounds good.


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HOLIDAY JINX looks like ideal holiday reading thank you.


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