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[ARC Review]: "Highland Games"

Highland Games by Laura Hunsaker
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing (Dec 2012)
Series: Magic of the Highlands, 1.5 [novella]
Genre: Time Travel Romance

Malcolm “Colm” MacRobert is ordered by his chief to travel through time and return with a woman. Not just any woman, the daughter of Laird and Lady Grant. There’s one problem, though. Everyone knows the Grants never had a daughter. Who is he bringing back? And why is she so important that his laird using the village witch to send Colm over 200 years into the future?

When Piper Grant agreed to take her friend’s place on a trip to Scotland, she didn’t know it was a singles tour. Desperately trying to avoid her fellow tourists, she wanders around the Highland Games being held at Blair Castle, however she can’t shake the feeling that someone’s watching her.

After one glance, Colm knows Piper is meant for him. The hard part is convincing her that he’s not crazy, and that he really needs her. Colm takes Piper with him back to 1793 Scotland hoping that she’ll eventually forgive him. With a witch aligning their fates as if pieces on a chessboard, Colm and Piper have more than their own relationship to worry about.

Can Colm win Piper’s heart, save his clan, and come out unscathed?


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Laura Hunsaker's Highland Games gives us a glimpse into the world she's created, one where brawny Highlanders abound and time travel is possible. A novella sequel to Highland Destiny, it tells the story of Malcom and Piper, hinting towards the story behind Piper's past (though never actually giving it).

Favorite Quote:

“You're mine. Ye ken it as well as I.”
Piper refused to admit what her body was telling her. She shook her head. “No.” Was that her voice sounding so breathless? “I belong to no man.”
Colm gazed at her for a long while, his eyes boring into hers. Finally, he said, very softly, “Then mayhap I belong to you.”


3 STARS! Overall, this was a quick read, and one that I didn't mind. Even though it's a novella, I did feel that the story was too short, that things were pushed too quickly and many things were never really explained. If you've read the previous book in this series, this one will no doubt be a nice read.


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