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[Kame's Review]: "Razing Kayne"

Razing Kayne by Julieanne Reeves
Publisher: Hellsgate Publishing (November 30, 2012)
Series: Walking a Thin Blue Line, 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
 For two years, State Trooper Kayne Dobrescu has wanted only one thing: to understand why his wife inexplicably killed their children and then herself. Memories haunt his days and lay siege to his nights, leaving him questioning his reasons for living.

Jessica Hallstatt became a widow and single mother the night her firefighter husband died in a fiery explosion at an accident scene. While her husband may have died a hero, he left Jessica with deep emotional scars that haven't begun to heal.

When Kayne accepted a transfer to the mountain town of Payson, Arizona, he never expected to meet anyone like Jessica. From the moment he pulled her over for speeding, he was drawn in by her whiskey colored eyes and sassy dimple. But she and her children are a forever type package, and he's vowed never to give anyone the power to destroy him again. Yet fate has other ideas, throwing Kayne and Jessica together in a fight against an unknown enemy to save the life of a child—and hopefully one another.

Warning: Contains graphic language, explicit sex and one very hot man in uniform.

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Kame's Review:


Every once and a while you finish a book and you love it down to your toes, and when someone asks you why you are at a loss of words to describe it.  That is how I feel about Razing Kayne.

Kayne Dobrescu is living with deep pain, pain that many could not fathom. Two years ago when he was a member of the Santa Barbara police force; he walked into his apartment he shared with his wife and three young children and in a blink of an eye his two oldest children were dead, his wife committed suicide, and his baby was missing.  After an exhausted attempt to clear his name and find his baby he leaves his past behind and transfers to Arizona, determined to live out his days alone; he was never going to fail anyone again. Late one night he pulls over a mom with a car full of kids. It should be a routine stop, but “something about her made him want to flirt, just a little….but she had to be married. Even if she wasn’t, she screamed forever, and he wasn’t that man anymore.”

Jessica Hallstatt is a widow of two years, her husband killed while saving the life of a young child, a child she has since adopted. Her life is full being a mom to four children; full of activities, charity work and a small business.  There was no room for a man, even if there was why bother, the man she had told her she wasn’t enough.

If it were not for the children Kayne and Jessica might not have found love. The loss of his children is a pain so hard to bear for Kayne, but it is the unconditional love of Jessica’s children that gives him the strength to face the fears. The children’s involvement in bringing Kayne and Jessica together was one of my favorite parts of this book.  Julieanne Reeves created wonderful multileveled characters, but where some authors might skimp on the child characters she wrote hers with such detail; I just want to pick them up and hug them.  While the children’s characters were well developed I was left with some unanswered questions regarding Kayne and Jessica’s characters. What was not in question was Kayne and Jessica’s love for each other and their children.  Julieanne Reeves knows when to draw on the raw emotions of love and when to show its sweetness.  Kayne and Jessica did not fall into a perfect love at first sight, but they did feel a connection and that connection progressed to a forever love that was written so honestly that I felt it as I read the pages of their story. The plot of this book was intricate, weaving together the resolutions of Kayne and Jessica’s past, some suspense and a love story. All done with the help of many of characters, there was a point when I had to stop reading to go search past pages for character introductions so I could bookmark names to help me keep them straight in my mind. Some characters and plot turns I expect will play a role in future books.

I really enjoyed this book, and when it ended no matter how satisfying the ending was, I was disappointed my time with Kayne and his new family was done. I can only hope to see glimpses of them in the remaining books in this series.

4.5 STARS!


Kame received a copy of this book from the author for here honest review.


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Oh, I must read this one! :) Great review, Kame!


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Patricia Fordyce said...

As usual Kame, you and I agree about a book we have read! Great review!

Kame said...

Thanks Pat! I know it took me a long time to listen to you and read this...but I loved it - I can't wait for book 2! That I will read soon after it comes out!

Colleen Isolde said...

Great review! With all the twists and turns, you did justice to the story without revealing any spoilers, I think Nick's book comes out this spring and I can't wait.

Kame said...

Thank you - I don't like to write reviews with spoilers - but I wanted to give justice to the fantastic twists and turns! I am impatiently waiting for Nick's book - I can't wait to discuss that one with you!