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[Review]: "Driving To You"

Driving To You by Marquita Valentine
Publisher: Marquita Valentine (March 13, 2013)
Series: Holland Springs, 1.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Finn was supposed to be the rebound guy, the one that got April Billingsworth over her breakup with her fiancĂ©. Only one night turned into two, two nights turned into a week, then months of pure happiness. Now this former bad girl's ready to settle down and go the distance with the man she loves, until the secret Finn's been keeping from her comes to light.

There was only one rule, Private Investigator, Finn Kennedy lived by: Do not, under any circumstances, get involved with a client. That is, until he met his latest assignment, April Billingsworth, the current governor's daughter and Charlotte's most notorious bad girl. Not only has he broken his rule, but April has discovered his secret-he's been keeping tabs on her and reporting back to her father.

Devastated by the truth, April leaves Finn and tries to go on with her life, without the lying bastard. But Finn has other plans, he's
determined to win April back. And this time, nothing's going to stand in his way.

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Marquita Valentine, you've done it again! I swear, with each new release, my love for this author only grows--and I was an instant fan with page 1 of her debut! :)

Driving To You is April and Finn's story. I'll admit, I was unsure if I would like April. After all, in Drive Me Crazy, she appeared to be a shallow bitch. Can Valentine change my opinion of her, I wondered? Yes! In this novella, we see more of April and how, despite the life the world thinks she has, things have been rough for her. She wants to support herself, not rely on daddy. She plays a part, but she's tired of it. She may not be a perfect heroine, she may not be sweet and well, "traditional", but I liked her, and I was happy to see her receive a HEA.

Finn---really, all I need to say is this: Irish. Yum! I love a good ginger hero... :D

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes:

 "This girl’s got you all tied up, and not in a Fifty Shades kinda way either." Hunter popped a handful of peanuts in his mouth. "I say it’s time to move on."

"While I say it’s time for you to read How to Hold On to Your Mancards."  

"Please, Tiffany is all about some romance and I’m the beneficiary of it." Hunter grinned, his white teeth flashing against his dark skin. "In fact, I bought her an e-reader for Christmas so she didn’t have to wait—"

"Oh, Jesus." Finn scrubbed his face with his hand. "You don’t actually read those with her, do you?"   

"Real men read romance, Finn."

Finn chuckled. "You’re whipped."


And this:

"Now that’s a sight," he said with a wiggle of his brows.
She giggled, then slapped a hand over her mouth, like she’d just revealed her most shocking secret to him.
"Don’t hide from me," he ordered, pulling her hand away from her face. "And don’t be afraid to be you with me."
"I’m not like other women—you know, nice and sweet," she said. The vulnerability on her face was nearly his undoing.
"Not much of a sweet tooth." He lowered himself between her thighs and parted her delicate sex, giving her a lick. "I prefer tart." Another lick and her hips rolled. "A little tangy." This time he found her clit and sucked, until she beat at his shoulders and called out his name. "Full of vim and vinegar."
Pushing her hair out of her eyes, she blinked at him. "I taste like vinegar down there?"
"No," he said with a low laugh, then crawled up her body, mindful of what lay between them. "Care to taste for yourself?"
She turned her head and he kissed her ear instead. "Maybe another time."


4.5 STARS! Why do I love Valentine's books so much? Because they have everything you could possibly want: sweet moments mixed in with "wow" steamy ones, enough wit and light fun to keep me smiling, great stories and wonderful characters. I've yet to find myself bored or unhappy while reading her books, and I don't believe this will ever happen! Truly a must read author. Driving To You will warm your heart and melt your ereader, all at the same time!

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I received a free copy of this ebook in the author's newsletter.

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I'll say it again--start reading Marquita Valentine NOW! Also, be sure to sign up for her newsletter; she sent a free copy of this one out in her last email, and she says she plans on other great freebies and excerpts in future ones, too! :)


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  1. I just love a guy that is "Whipped" LOL I do love the quotes you shared. This series is going on the top of my wishlist now. I have been looking for a good contemporary to read. I think I am going to have to pick this one up soon. Great review.

  2. Aw I can't wait to read this one. I've got it waiting for me on the Nook :D I was kinda wondering about her too and if I'd like her. Good to know Marquita pulled that off! I love when an author can do that. Great quotes too!

  3. I'm confident that you'll end up liking it--April becomes a much deeper heroine, and one that I think you'll be able to understand, if not connect with, in this one. Marquita did a great job, in my opinion! :) Let me know what you think when you read it!

  4. Hehe. Me, too! :) Yes, I think this series (well, both of her series, which are connected) will be a great fit for you! If you have a NOOK, or NOOK app, I think I can do a "lend me" on at least the first book?

  5. Falling in love with who we know is the "wrong man" - that's something so many women can relate to! I'm definitely buying this title, seems like the perfect travel read for this summer! Another rec for anyone who likes a steamy story about juggling complicated relationships with real life should check out "The Publicist" - sexual tension, humor, a high stress job - so many of us can relate (! And it's written by a real NYC publicist so the insider industry info is fantastic! Thanks again Book Queen for featuring another great recommendation!