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Character Interview with Eva Gordon + Giveaway!


I write fantasy and paranormal novels with a strong romantic element. I love to create stories that combine my passion for mythology, romance and werewolf lore. Under my nom de plume, Sadie Winstone, I write steampunk and Victorian era historical and alternative novels.

And to satisfy my taste for the zombie/werewolf genres, Apocalyptic Moon, by The Wild Rose Press an epic paranormal romance, will be released: May 10, 2013 and pre-release on Kindle.
I have a BS in Zoology and graduate studies in Biology. I have taught high school Biology, Environmental Science and Anatomy/Physiology. When not in my den writing, I enjoy world travel, steampunk conventions, hiking, raptor rehabilitation and wolf sanctuaries.
I also teach online workshops on wolf lore ancient falconry and animal lore for Romance Writers of America and other writer groups. If you are interested in my workshops, please contact me.


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Main Characters: Dirk Gunderson and Dr. Dora Adler.

Eva: This interview took place a few months before the zombie apocalypse. Dirk and Dora are the heroes of Apocalyptic Moon, Book 1 in the After the Bane. I interviewed Dora while she was at a medical conference in San Francisco and Dirk in Santa Cruz, California.

Meeting at Peets Coffee (Dora loves barista coffee):

Eva: "Hi Dr. Adler, thanks for answering a few questions for my Doctors without Dates online dating site."

Dora: "I like the play on Doctors without Borders, but more on the pathetic side."

E: "Not so. You are an attractive doctor and I know how busy you are as a resident, so it’s no surprise busy new doctors don’t have a love life."

D: "True."

E: "So tell me about your ideal man."

D: Smiles. "Old fashioned type. You know the knight on a white horse sweeping me off my feet. Maybe if I survive…" She sighed as if hiding something. "I mean maybe after my next birthday. I’ll have more time."

E: "Hmm. What about the badass alpha type?"

D: "Bossy or players, no thanks. I just want a guy who knows how to give a good back rub and likes watching the old Star Trek series.” She leaned in and whispered, “I’m a science fiction geek."

E: "Simple enough. Would you like me to add you to our directory?"

D: "How about next year?"

E: Again, with postponing. Why? "So what do you like to do in your free time?"

D: "Run. And between you and me I love reading romance novels. I’m a happily after reader."

E: "A true romantic. Quick, team Edward or team Jacob?"

D: "I loved the Twilight series growing up and at first I thought I liked Edward but lately, I think I prefer Jacob’s hot bod. In terms of literature, I’m team Ann Rice and Bram Stoker." She swirled her coffee.

E: "Favorite color?"

D: "Red". Her phone buzzed a text message. She shot a quick glance. "Sorry, I have to go. I’m giving a talk in a couple hours about emerging diseases."

Eva: "No problem". I handed her my card. "When you are ready send me your bio."

Dora: "Will do."

Meeting in the Santa Cruz Mountains Werewolf Café (local shifter hangout)

Eva: A tall broad shoulder red-headed man gave me a nod and sits across from me at a booth. He reminds me of Bradley Cooper, if he had Prince Harry’s red hair and was starring in a movie as a muscular Thor, but wearing motorcycle leather. "How did you know I’m the interviewer?"

Dirk: He waves over the waiter to bring beer. “You are the only human.”

E: “Thanks for meeting me, as I said I’m not going to reveal your secret society of shifters.”

Dirk: “So, how do you know of us?”

E: “I know a raven shifter, named Rave. We studied art history together and she bet me I would be too chicken to meet a real werewolf.”

Dirk: He shook his head. “She should know better but she loves playing with humans.”
E: “So what’s it like to turn into a werewolf?”
Dirk: He shrugs. “How does it feel to skydive without a parachute and before you slam on the ground, bam, you’re a werewolf?”

E: “Sounds intense. I’ve heard you are an alpha werewolf, is that similar to an alpha of a wolf pack.”

Dirk: “Yeah, we are the top dogs. A few of us are alphas but the majority of our kind are betas and omegas. Only the alphas can shift into two forms, the totem wolf and the bipedal Hollywood style werewolf. The lower ranks can only shift into totem wolves.”


E: “Are you alpha of your own pack?”

Dirk: “No.  My uncle is the alpha of our pack.”

E: “Are all wolf packs the same?”

Dirk: “There are 3 factions. I belong to the Arbor Terra pack. We are of the Celtic/Nordic pagan variety. The second pack are the witch hunting Benandanti or Hounds of God, a religious order similar to the Templers of the Middle Ages. And finally, there’s the Vircolac pack. The Eastern European Vircolac pack hate humans and gave rise to legends of vampires and werewolves.” He drank his beer and scoffed, “The Vircolac pack resulted in the Kindred, a werewolf hunting brotherhood who have been killing our kind since the rise of civilization.”

E: “I heard you hunt the Kindred because they killed most of your family.”

Ancestral Kindred Attire
Dirk: His face reddened and he growled. “Yeah I’m the top hunter of the Kindred.”

E: “You are the best hunter?”

Dirk: “A Benandanti hunter named Maddox comes a close second.” He stared at his watch. “Actually, I need to go. I have a lead and I don’t want Maddox to get there first.”

E: “Okay, but one more question?”

Dirk: “Sure.”

E: “Perfect mate?”

Dirk: He laughed. “You sound like my uncle and sister. Truth is, I’m a lone wolf. I like the ladies for a night, maybe a week. But I’m not the settling type. At least not for ten years or more.” He stood and donned his black leather biker jacket. “Nice talking.”

E: I swooned at the sight of the tall muscular hunk. “Anytime.” I love wolfish men.

*NOTE: TBQ's Book Palace does not claim the right to any of these pictures. Eva provided them; most are easily found on Google.*

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Apocalyptic Moon by Eva Gordon
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press; (May 10th, 2013) [Official release date]
Genre: UF/PNR

 Dr. Dora Adler's life has been in disarray since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, but when she gets bitten by one of the undead, her whole world is turned upside down. Held captive in a secret underground lab, the tall, muscular hunk in the next cell is her only hope for salvation. Unfortunately, he claims to be a werewolf. Yeah, and she's supposedly a witch.

Dirk Gunderson is an alpha Arbor pack werewolf. Captured and collared, he's sold to the zombie lab in hopes his blood serum can create a vaccine. He needs to escape, but not without the hot little brunette witch.

In the midst of enemy werewolves and the hordes of undead, Dirk and Dora's sexual tension ignites a blaze hotter than the desert highway. Along their journey, they battle the inevitable: a werewolf must never take a witch as a mate.

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Thanks for stopping by today, Eva! I enjoyed reading your interview with Dora and Dirk, you did a wonderful job at it--much better than I could have, that's for sure! :D I cannot wait to read this one! 

Don't forget Eva's question for you:
Do you have a question for Dirk and Dora? Also, what would you do in case of a zombie apocalypse or any other catastrophic situation?


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