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[Kame's Review]: "Real Men Don't Quit"

Real Men Don't Quit by Coleen Kwan
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss (April 8, 2013)
Series: Real Men, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Serial bachelor. Celebrity author. Her perfect forever?

When famous author Luke Maguire decides to write his next novel in the small town of Burronga, Australia, he's sure he can ignore the fiery redhead next door. Not only has he just been burned from a high-profile breakup, but he's never been one to set down roots. No, he'll finish his novel and leave Burronga. And soon.

Tyler Jones just wants to run her business with her best friend, Ally, and take care of her three-year-old daughter, Chloe. She's never needed help from anyone, especially not a man, and the brooding, rugged writer next door can't tempt her. Not in the least.

Only Tyler and Luke can't stay away from each other. So they set rules. No staying overnight, no future plans, no sappy good-byes when Luke inevitably quits town. But the chemistry between them is too strong to contain in a rulebook. Are Luke and Tyler ready to risk their lives of independence for something more?





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Kame's Review:

Tyler is a believable character a single Mom trying to do the best for her 3 year old daughter. Luke is a writer (I love when authors have characters that are writers) who is trying to write the follow-up to his best seller.  After a rocky start a friendship ensues, and after fighting some sparks of attraction a romantic relationship evolves.

This was a quick light read for me.  A minimal amount of background on characters was given, and any internal dialog a character had to “ponder” a situation was required to move the story and not overly done. Tyler’s concerns and difficulties were believable.  Luke’s character grew during the plot and I found his journey the more interesting of the two. The intimate scenes between Tyler and Luke were implied, which made the focus of the book the emotional relationship between Tyler and Luke.

This was the perfect book I needed at a busy time in my life.  I could easily pick up and read when I had a moment, but was also able to put it down; allowing me to pick it back up and quickly get right up to speed in the story. Since finishing the book I have realized this is the second book in a series, given the opportunity I would read book 1, and read any other books when they came out.

I was given this book by the publisher for my honest review.



Kame received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for her honest opinion.


Meet Kame:

Kame is part of a family of readers; one day she picked up the Nook she purchased for her husband and discovered her love of e-books. A few months later he purchased one for her so he could have his back! Kame’s Nook is never far, and she is hard pressed to pick a favorite book, genre or author. As long as there are characters that make her want to sit down and have a chat and a plot keeps the pages turning, she’ll read it.

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Sounds like a fun read! :) I've only read a few from Entangled publishing so far, but I have many on my list.

Have you read any of the variety of books Entangled is publishing? Do you have a favorite? Have you read any of Kwan's previous books?



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Pat Egan Fordyce said...

Wow, never even saw this anywhere! Thanks for the great review Kame. Looks like a nice sit on the beach read...

Kame said...

Pat, it is a nice beach read - nothing that difficult and you don't have to worry if someone interrupts you. This was a new author to me and so is Entangled Bliss!