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[Pat's Review]: "An Indiscreet Debutante"

An Indiscreet Debutante by Lorelie Brown
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (May 14, 2013)
Series: Wayworth Academy, 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Love is madness.

When Miss Charlotte Vale isn't running a school for impoverished factory women, she takes tea with an insane painter-the mother she adores. Determined to avoid her mother's legacy of madness, Lottie refuses to marry and nurtures the "ton's" bemused disregard for her reputation.

Through her door strides a man who threatens all she holds dear. Her cherished school, her careful control and her guarded heart.

Sir Ian Heald has tracked his sister's blackmailer to her last-known location-Lottie's school. Although he would burn the place to the ground if it would save his sister's reputation, Ian is drawn to Lottie's bold candor and indifference toward polite society.

To find his sister's blackmailer, Ian follows Lottie into a twisted world of illegal gambling clubs and eccentric parties. Even when their mutual passion ignites, Ian knows their affair cannot last. Lottie was never meant to be tucked away on his quiet pastoral estate, and she staunchly refuses his desire to wed. Yet fiery kisses and scandalous showdowns tempt this proper country gentleman to win the woman he loves and never let her go.

Warning: This book contains gambling in low-class clubs, deliciously deadpan dialogue, an unplanned swim to rescue doused women, and a fast, furious spanking. She wants it though, so that hardly counts.

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Pat's Review:

Reading the summary of this novel I expected a typical Historical Romance with some humor and rich country boy, meets poor city girl.   Well, it was that and a whole lot more!

Charlotte Vale is the owner of a school for women, who want to get free from their low stations in society. They are taught  etiquette, simple cooking and  things fine ladies of London should know. Charlotte's hope is to help these downtrodden women to be educated, and make a good marriage. Charlotte or Lottie as friends call her, is a woman of status  in London, which enables her to get men of good standing to come to her parties to meet her students.   She hides her home life and her emotions because of a family secret, she hopes to bring to an end.  She has vowed to never marry  or have children.

Sir Ian Heald is on the hunt for a blackmailer who has threatened to make public a document that will ruin his family and make it nearly impossible for his sister to marry well. This threat seems to be coming from a young woman who is known to Lottie and is one of her students. Ian barges into Lottie's office to demand speaking with this  young woman. After much discussion, Lottie agrees to help him, and help his sister to "come out" in London society.  The blackmailer has disappeared

The banter back and forth in the first several chapters had me laughing out loud!  They traveled to illegal gambling places, to the blackmailer's home  NOT in a good neighborhood, and elite society get togethers. The steam  between Lottie and Ian heats up very quickly,  Lottie pushing to make it hotter, Ian trying to keep his libido under control. Both thinking it will only make their relationship more difficult. This novel had twists and turns I never expected!

It was sad, and poignant, and heartbreaking at times, but a very enjoyable read.  I would recommend this novel to Historical Romance readers who enjoy some mystery, steam and a very strong female character.  She is often too strong.  

4 Stars!

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Pat received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Meet Pat:

Hi I'm Pat Fordyce. I am a retired pediatric nurse living in coastal North Carolina. Being retired I get to do one of my favorite things .....READ..... I love to read and talk about books, and my reviews are my voice. I also volunteer at our Public Library a few days a week. So glad to be joining The Book Queen's group of guest reviewers.

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Welcome to the blog, Pat! :) Great review, I've put this one on my list!

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Red Iza said...

Great review, thanks !

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Yeah Pat! Welcome! Great review - I need to try a historical some time. I love her dress!

Pat Egan Fordyce said...

Thanks Kame and Red Iza! It was a very enjoyable read. I have read anything by Ms. Brown, but I will soon! Thanks to the Book Queen for having me!

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Great Review Pat! Welcome and I look forward to reading more from you. :)

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Oh how fun! I love when they do things like that and have to visit all the oh so improper locales. Will have to add it to the wishlist!