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[Kame's Review]: "Dedicated Ink"

August 20th through August 23rd is going to be un-official Ranae Rose week here on TBQ's Book Palace, to help celebrate her Inked in the Steel City series. Kame reviews all three books, one a day, and on Friday interviews Ranae about the books. Be sure to check back each day for the next post! 

Originally I was going to do a double review for each book with Kame, but, well, life happened, and August rolled around and I realized I hadn't even had time to pick up book 1 yet, little loan consider reading and reviewing all of them. So, sadly, I still haven't read this series, but I plan on still doing so as soon as I get a chance! 

Catch up on the reviews for Hot Ink and Innocent Ink


Dedicated Ink by Ranae Rose
Publication Date: July 29th, 2013 
Series: Inked in the Steel City, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

A one night stand has never gone so wrong … or so right. Two months after one scorchingly hot July night, tattoo artist Abby is pregnant and the man who showed her everything she’d been missing is nowhere in sight. When he walks into the Hot Ink Tattoo Studio looking for much more than some new ink, she risks their rekindled connection by confessing that she’s pregnant … with his twins.

Sworn to serve and protect, Pittsburgh police officer Sam isn’t one to back down from responsibility, and he’s definitely not going to let the woman who’s been haunting his dreams all summer get away again. But two babies on the way means a reunion that’s anything but what he imagined. Can unforgettable chemistry evolve into real love before her due date arrives?

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Kame's Review:

Abigail and Sam met in a bar on a Summer night where they were both trying to forget someone. They had one incredible night and they went their own ways.  It was an incredible memory, until Abby found out she was pregnant. And imagine her further surprise when one day her appointment at Hot Ink is Sam, but will he want to be involved in her pregnancy? Will he want to be a father to twins!

This is the third installment in Ranae Rose’s Inked in the Steel City series. The series revolves around the tattoo shop Hot Ink. Most of this book is centered on the couple; Abigail and Sam. We do get some glimpses of characters from the first two books but there is minimal interaction, this is not the book to catch up on Mina, Eric, Karen or Jed.  Abigail and Sam are great characters. Honestly I missed the other characters; the most involved secondary character is Abby’s sister Natalie.  Abby is more reserved in this book than I pictured her from the previous books. Sam is a police officer who works various shifts. I was impressed with his sensitivity.  I did find it odd that there was no mention of his family, and only a few mentions of friends of his. This book truly centers on the relationship between Abby and Sam. Their relationship has an ease to it right from the start, they do not have any direct conflict in this book which seemed odd given the circumstances of the pregnancy. 

Some books I read that has the heroine pregnant with twins portrays the pregnancy as all roses and rainbows. I am a mother of twins, and I felt Ranae wrote a story that appropriately represented the pregnancy.  Since this book covers the entire pregnancy it is understandable that there are scenes that are not as descriptive as others.  The last few chapters centering around the twins birth warmed my heart.

This was a great installment in this series.  I look forward to more from Ranae Rose. 



Kame received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.


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Thanks for the review, Kame! Even without the secondary characters showing up as much in this one, it still sounds great! 

Do you like to read romances where the heroine is pregnant, or does that bother you? Do you have a favorite, perhaps one where the author portrays the situation realistically, such as Rose did in this book? 


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