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[Review]: "Bringing Home the Bachelor"

Bringing Home the Bachelor by Sarah M. Anderson

Publisher: Harlequin Desire (September 1, 2013) 
Series: Bolton Brothers, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Category)

In this Bolton Brothers novel, Sarah M. Anderson shows how one single mom at a bachelor auction can bring home the wildest ride of her life!

Jenny Wawasuck knows that "Wild" Billy Bolton is all wrong for a good girl like her. But then she sees the bond Billy forms with her son—and feels how Billy's touch burns her skin, how his kiss ignites desires she's long ignored. So she brings him home from the charity bachelor auction.

Now Billy has one night to stake his claim. But in a world filled with blackmailers and gold diggers, can a millionaire bad boy and a sweet single mom turn one chance into forever?

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My Review:

As I started Bringing Home the Bachelor, I wasn't sure how "Wild" Billy Bolton's story would turn out. He was the sort of mysterious, "big scary" brother that everyone was afraid of. Until Jenny came along.... Under Billy's gruff exterior lies a more complex, loyal man and I loved finding that part of him alongside Jenny.

Jenny has a past. She's a single mother who became pregnant at a very young age. Billy has demons in his past, too. Because of this, they didn't simply jump into bed, or into a relationship for that matter. I loved that Anderson held off, not only was it the right decision for these two, but it made the build up that much more delicious. The love scenes were well worth the wait: sexy, emotional, and wonderfully written. I had no complaints! These scenes had meaning, and were not simply there to grab the reader's attention.

I liked the interaction between Billy and Jenny's teenage son, Seth. I also enjoyed Jenny and Billy's relationship, it felt very real, as Jenny dealt with being a mom and a woman, a lover and a parent.

There was one very powerful scene, where Billy tells Jenny about his tattoos, opening up to her in a way he has never done with others. There were a few other scenes that stood out, including when Seth comes to the shop to beat up Billy for hurting his mom (not physically, don't worry, but by their temporary break up). In short, I found many places throughout this book where I was either smiling, laughing, cheering, or crying with the characters.

Sarah M. Anderson delivers once again, providing a great romance with real characters and emotions. I loved Billy's story, and I'm confident it will remain my favorite in the trilogy. I am curious to  see Bobby's book. At this point, I can't stand Bobby, but I am hoping that Anderson will find a way to redeem him, to show more about his character and/or explain why he's such a sleek jerk....

4.5 STARS! 

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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