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[Review]: "ParaWars: Uprising"

ParaWars: Uprising by Caitlin Greer

Publisher: Caitlin Greer (October 15th, 2013)

Series: ParaWars Trilogy, 1 

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

The Paranormal Uprising brought myth and legend out of the shadows and into real life. The war that followed tore the world apart. Two years after the Uprising, twenty-year-old Kendry is learning the hard way that the battle lines aren’t as clear-cut as human versus para. And the hard way means being hunted down by both human militants and para separatists. Trouble is, she has no idea why.

On the run with only her mysterious gargoyle guardian, Kendry knows that finding out why she’s on everyone’s most-wanted list will be no easy task. It means charging headlong into a war she’d hoped to avoid, and is woefully unprepared for. So when she realizes that everyone in her life has been lying to her, discovering that she’s somehow the key to ending the war is the last thing she needs. With both sides tearing up the world to find her, it’s decision time for Kendry—keep running, or stand up and fight.

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Warning: happy-reader-gushing may be found below!

Wow---what an amazing story! As I started ParaWars: Uprising, I was quickly pulled into the book, following Kendry in this unique world. I fell in love with the world, the writing, and the characters. Especially Axel....(sigh)

I love paranormal romances, but even I can grow weary of the same plot, story, and creatures. Ms. Greer created a new PNR, one filled with creatures that I've never read about before. And I loved it, truly loved it. I was amazed at all the twists, and there was never a dull moment. Action from start to finish, as well as the thrill of discovering a new world, kept me on edge, flipping pages as fast as I could. Add to that the smooth writing, which draws the reader in, as well as the smoldering chemistry between Kendry and Axel, and I was deliriously happy while reading this book! With each chapter that passed, I kept thinking to myself “This is good---really good!” and “I've never read a story like this before”. It's sad to say that of late, those thoughts have been rare to cross my mind while reading, which makes this book all the more special to me. It helped me out of a reading slump, and that's always a good thing.

Axel...oh, my. Just thinking about him sends delicious shivers through me! When the tension finally breaks between Axel and Kendry....*shivers* Gah, that was pure passion, sexy enough to make me squirm a bit! ;)

He places a soft kiss below my belly button, just at the top of my panties. His hands have my legs pinned, keeping me from squirming. It only turns me on more.

Another kiss, just a little lower. “Part of me wants to just rip these off you and bury myself so deep inside you that you forget your own name.” A third kiss, lower again. “The other part wants to torture you slowly first, until all you remember is my name.”

My only real complaint has to do with Kendry's mother. For playing such a big role in the story, and especially why Kendry fights to save her, her character was invisible—I have no clue who she is, what she looks like, how she acts, or why Herne the great demi god of old, loves her. Her character was completely flat, yet, as I said, was important to much of the storyline. I would have liked a bit more from her character.

Many of the scenes from ParaWars: Uprising are still running through my mind—this will definitely be a book I buy for my keeper shelf! Greer has a new fan, and I will be recommending this amazing, unique and sexy NA paranormal to anyone looking for something different to read. If you think all paranormals are the same, think again! Greer spins a new tale, full of action and wonderful world-building. I dare you to find another like it on the market, and certainly it would  not one as well-done as ParaWars: Uprising. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series!

4 1/2 STARS! 

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the author, via the tour host, in exchange for my honest opinion. 

The quote used belongs to Caitlin Greer; TBQ's Book Palace does not claim it.

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I can't stop thinking of this book--it was so new and different and amazing! I highly recommend; who can say no to a sexy gargoyle guardian, anyway? Just trust me on this!

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Lover Of Romance said...

Great review!! Sounds like a very HOT read!!! Glad to see you enjoyed this one.

Wickedly Delicious said...

Awesome review. Love finding a new kind of Paranormal read. Thanks for sharing that yummy quote. Got me interested in meeting Axel. Oh just love his name. Adding to GR.