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[Blog Tour Review]: "For Real" + Giveaway!

For Real by Chelsea M. Cameron
Publication Date: November 14th 2013 
Series: Rules of Love, 1
Genre: New Adult Contemporary 

Two people. One fake relationship. What could go wrong?

When virgin Shannon Travers gets fed up with her friends demanding that she find a boyfriend, she enlists the help of tattooed, mohawk-rocking graphic design student Jett. He’s more than happy to play along with their Fake Relationship, including the Ten Rules of Fake Dating that control-freak Shannon comes up with. Even if he likes to violate them. Repeatedly.

But what happens when Fake Dating starts to feel… not fake anymore? Will Shannon be willing to let go and embrace the first thing in her life that’s ever felt REAL?

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For Real by Chelsea M. Cameron

“So Jett and I are officially together,” I announce when I get home from the library. Hazel’s at the dining table, reading one of her gigantic textbooks and taking notes. It takes a minute for her eyes to focus and for her to drag herself out of the thrilling world of case law.
“You have a boyfriend? My Shannon has a boyfriend?! Are you serious?” She squeals and jumps on me as if I’ve just announced I’d won Miss America.
“Jesus, let me go,” I wheeze. I get a flaily hug, and I pat her on the back and try to get her to stop before she chokes the life out of me. She finally lets go and smacks me on the ass.
“God, I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about you becoming a weird old lady with a houseful of cats,” she says.
“Well, I’m still young. I’ve got plenty of time for cats.” She grabs my face and squishes it between her hands. I nearly swallow my tongue.
“Don’t even think that thought. I will not let it happen. Plus, now that you’ve had sex, I don’t see you going back anytime soon. My first time definitely was NOT that good.” I know about all my friends’ first times and they range from terrible to not-so-terrible. I’d probably gone a little too far with my story, but I blame that on the fact that I read too many sexy books.
 “Um, so I might have told the rest of the girls about you and Jett,” Hazels says, bracing for me to yell at her. I’ve known her long enough to know that she would share this kind of juicy information.
“It’s fine. I pretty much told them that I was with him when I asked them about the Kappa Sig party.” She sighs in relief.
“Oh, good. I didn’t want you to be mad at me. Again. So, did you get a lot of work done?”
I don’t elaborate on my non-studying or that I’d met Jett at the library, because that would lead to the Fake Dating conversation and I’ve only been Fake Dating him for a few hours. I have to get through at least a week. Then a few more.

One month. What was I thinking? 

My Review:

What can I say? For Real was a really sweet romance. I loved Jett, he was a bit nerdy-awkward, which I liked. And bonus, he's a virgin hero! The fake-then-real dating between Jett and Shannon was very fun to read.

I wasn't as fond of Shannon though, as I did wonder why she did a few things (like her choice in friends that threw her into the streets and told her to lose her virginity before they'd let her come home . . .) But like many readers I'm always harsher on the heroine than the hero.

Now, perhaps this is just me, but why is it that many of the NA books lately feature heroines whose BFFs are nothing but BBEs (best bitch-enemies)? I can't tell you how many I've read, some worse than others, of course, where the supposed “best friend” is so horrible I question if the heroine is TSTL for sticking by her. Why can't we have some  REAL friends in these books and save the bitch-enemies for terrible roommates or ex-girlfriends of the hero.

I found the double virgin scenery to be a refreshing change from the usual story. When they finally do have sex, it's definitely not perfect, it's a bit awkward and very quick. It was, I felt, fairly real (no simultaneous orgasms or multiple rounds in the span of a few minutes . . . and Shannon received her big Os during foreplay, while Jett got his during the main, if short . . . event). I did feel like this scene could have been developed a bit more though. Two virgins' first time can equal soooo many fun moments as they figure everything out, and I was a bit disappointed, especially after all the buildup.

I wanted a bit more from both Jett and Shannon, hence my rating. This book wasn't perfect, but that doesn't mean it wasn't really good, a solid 4 stars.

Still, I finished For Real in a day and was happy with the story. It's not overly complicated, but it is sweet in its simplicity. For a quick, fun NA romance that actually holds off the sex to the end, you can't go wrong with For Real, or any of the books by this author, for that matter!


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I recieved an e-ARC of this book from the author, via the tour host, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Have you read Chelsea M. Cameron's books before? Do you have a favorite? Are you a fan of New Adult romance?


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