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[Kame's Review]: "Merry Christmas, Cowboy"

Merry Christmas, Cowboy by Janet Dailey
Publisher: Zebra (September 24, 2013)
Genre: Contemporary Romance (holiday)

A Colorado Christmas To Remember

On the Denver streets, officer Paula Lewis is as tough as she needs to be. But away from skyscrapers and suspects, Paula gives back to the community she loves. This holiday season she's moonlighting at the Christmas House, a turn-of-the-century mansion transformed into a festive wonderland to delight local children thanks to volunteers like Paula--and Zach Bennett.

Zach left his family's Colorado ranch to sign on as a carpenter at the Christmas House. Freewheeling Zach hopes to make this holiday the merriest yet--from coaxing Paula onto the bunny slopes to filling in as a last-minute Santa. And as she and Zach are drawn together to keep one young boy out of harm's way, Paula realizes that the best gifts are second chances, happy endings, and the kind of love that makes every day warm and bright. . .

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Kame's Review:

Paula Lewis is an officer with the Denver Police Department.  An officer took an interest in her when she was young and it inspired her to follow in her footsteps. A friend is working with a children’s charity and asks Paula for help. Zach Bennett comes into town to help a friend with a project and decides to stay on to volunteer with the charity.

 There is no shortage of characters in this book, but in the end I felt I knew them all at the same depth as I did the main characters of Paula and Zach. I knew the basics but not a lot of background, thoughts or feelings. I think the character I understood the most was Brandon the teenager, but I have teenagers in my life. Paula and Zach have an instant connection and one of the first times they are alone in a room they share a heated kiss – which was as steamy as the book got; so if you like your romance implied this is the book for you.

In the end I went back to the internet and GoodReads to try to determine if this book is in a series. (Which I could not determine the author’s website is not up to date and I couldn’t determine from GR)  I just felt I was missing something the whole time through. You know when you are in a group of people and they are talking about something that happened before and you sort of feel left out – well that is how I felt the whole book. When I read I obsess over details and want the whole scene down to the scent of the candles explained to me, it helps me get lost in the story and in turn helps me escape my daily life if just for a short time. This one just didn’t help me get lost.

      3 STARS!

Kame received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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